5 Things To Know About Dating Peruvian Women

Dating Women From Peru

Peru is a place of true beauty and diversity. Nestled in the northwestern region of Latin America, the country boasts of a rich history best exemplified by the iconic Machu Picchu citadel. It is a multiethnic hub with the unique culture with strong American African, Asian, Indian and European influences.

The culture is not all the country has to offer regarding variety. It is one of the Megadiverse Nations being home to the jaguar, puma and spectacled bear. There is also a lot to look forward to with regards to geography with everything from the Sechura Dessert dunes to the surfer’s paradise near Trujillo City.

What are the Peru women there like?

With all this awesomeness Peru should already be on your travel bucket list. Something else that should be on this list is dating a woman from Peru.


Here are five answers:

Strong fighting spirit

Beautiful Peruvian Women have not always had it easy. They’ve had to deal with everything from centuries of overt gender inequality to programs like mass forced sterility. With so much strife in their history, they have developed pretty thick skins. It is an admirable quality that you will appreciate.

Exotic beauty

Latina chicas never disappoint as far as beauty is concerned, and hot Peruvian women are not an exception. They do have their beauty secrets like the ones you can read on FloEyeLiner.com. Remember that multiethnic blend alluded to earlier? It plays a much bigger role than influencing culture as it is responsible for the unique and exotic features of these beauties.

Gringo love

Sexy Peruvian ladies sure love themselves a white man. It is not a western worship or gold digging sort of thing, so don’t start to panic. It is more of an extension of their appreciation for diversity. That makes them more open to dating and even settling with people not just from North America but from anywhere on the globe.

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No hablo Ingles

Spanish is the national language of Peru and is therefore what most, if not all, the women here speak. There are also numerous native dialects that some of them might use. However, it is not very common to come across a woman who speaks or understands let alone being fluent in English. So this is a challenge you will have to deal with.

These Peruvian girls want to have fun

Hot Peruvian girls love to have a good time. Whether it is jamming out to huayno music or enjoying the June Festival of the Sun you had better be ready to handle the firecracker.

How To Date Peruvian Woman

Tips for dating Peruvian beauties

  • Put your feminist boots on

They have fought way too hard to be seen as equals. The last thing you want is to be the dummy who tries to drag her back down.

  • Learn to live in the moment

A little spontaneity will go a long way with Peruvian beauties. Learn to let loose and kick up your heels, or I guess your sneakers.

  • Study up on that Spanish

Do not for a second underestimate the challenge that a language barrier will bring. So you might want to look into learning some Spanish.


Peru has a lot to offer with the amazing women being the tip of the iceberg. I mean they gave us the likes of Nathalie Kelley for which we are eternally grateful. As with any other Latinas, you need to understand the region individually if you hope to date successfully. The information and tips provided here should help make things easier for you in this case.