Single Bolivian Women: Should You Be Dating a Bolivian Girl?

Dating Beautiful Single Bolivian Woman

We made you think about something that had possibly never crossed your mind, right?

Understandably so, because when you think of South American women, your mind automatically goes to the sexy yellow and green that is Brazil, Pablo Escobar’s Colombian pretties, and Argentina’s beauties.

Bolivian girls have probably never caught your attention, and we will explain to you why.

First of all, to travel to Bolivia, even with an American passport, you’ll need a visa, which deters a lot of people from going there. It also doesn’t make sense, because why would you prevent tourists from accessing your country, considering that Bolivia is a developing nation?

That brings us to the second thing: high poverty levels discourage a lot of people from visiting, especially fun and thrill seekers.

But let’s say you actually do decide to visit the country either for work or a short vacation. What are some of the things you should know about dating Bolivian women?

What do Bolivian girls look like?

A lot of people assume that the general physique of Bolivian women is short, stout, and plain-faced. Well, there is some truth to that, but not entirely. There are actually lots of women from Bolivia who are gorgeous, have dark almond eyes, and nicely brown, smooth skin, black or brown hair, and the loveliest slender bodies.

You just have to know where to find them.

Where can you meet a beautiful woman from Bolivia?

A Lady From Bolivia

Bolivia is a bit of a tricky land when it comes to finding sexy women, unlike Argentina and other South American countries that have them sprawling all over.

The one place you should go to in Bolivia to meet women is Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Women from Santa Cruz are a mixture of other ethnicities, so they get the beauty of these other nationalities. They are also more sophisticated and pay more attention to things like fashion and beauty.

Another place to meet a beautiful Bolivian lady is at its many Universities. Most of them there are open-minded, and can also speak English, which we will explain below…

Spanish is a language you should pick up

English in Bolivia is really not a necessity. A lot of people from this country do not speak it, and for most of them, their knowledge of Spanish suffices.

Now, you will probably not want to teach your date English from scratch, so you have two options:

  • Find a girl who can speak English, which is why being around universities can help.
  • Learn some Spanish as it will help you get around and meet people easier.

Bolivian ladies are big on social circles

If you are used to being a lone ranger, then you might want to change your game tactics. Bolivian girls are huge on social circles; they are very insular. They want to know who you are hanging out with, whether it is a long-standing friendship and all that. Make some friends, and stick to them. That is your winning pack.

Daytime is the best time

Speaking of packs, you should know that in Bolivia, daytime is probably the time that you will have higher chances of talking to a lady. Malls and restaurants are the perfect places to approach women during the day.

Make a point of hanging out in these places with your friends. You just might find a beautiful Bolivian lady to talk to over coffee or something.

Bolivian girls are very conservative

Any hopes you might have about scoring on the first night should be put to the back of your mind. Girls form Bolivia are very reserved, and in some rural areas, having casual sex is literally taboo.

So try to decently court here first and avoid being raunchy or suggestive. Also, it will work better in your favor if you are in for long-time commitment and have patience.

You should take your time

As mentioned above, Bolivian women are not all out there living it up looking for one-night stands. Being cautious and taking it slow applies to a lot of other areas of their lives too.

Do not constantly call her for dates, ask to meet up, or pressure her to see you all the time. First of all, you might come off as a bit of a creep, and she also does not want to be rushed into anything. Take your time with her and go at her pace.

Online dating is not as common

Dating apps are not such a common thing in Bolivia. They have not been fully accepted by the women there who prefer traditional forms of dating instead. Their preference for tradition could boil down to their conservative nature and love for social circles.

A lot of the women you meet online are living abroad. The local Bolivian women that you’ll meet are those who are a bit more progressive, like the ones studying at universities or from places like Santa Cruz.

A lot of Bolivian women actually want to leave the place

As earlier mentioned, Bolivia is a bit behind in terms of its economy and culture. The few women here who are modernized do want to leave and experience a better life both for themselves and their future daughters. (The rate of physical, sexual and psychological abuse of women in Bolivia is pretty high, and education for girls is not considered as really important.)

This could be a good thing for you if you are willing to settle and commit to a Bolivian woman. You could be a ticket out of it all, and she will love you for it.

Summing It Up

These are just a few of the important tips and tricks you need to know before you pursue a woman in Bolivia. It’s recommended you do some research about the country before heading down there to look for your Bolivian bride.

There is a lot you can learn from Bolivian women, too, and some of the points here could work in your favor. For example, them being conservative means she will literally be a ride or die for you.

Do share with us your present or even future stories of your experiences with Bolivian women!