Our Top Tips for Dating Hot Ecuadorian Women

Nice argentine Woman

What makes Ecuadorian women stand out?

Ecuador is best known for its breathtaking Galapagos Islands and exotic wildlife including llamas. However, these are not the only exotic and breathtaking things that this South American gem has to offer. Their women are quite the prize with the combination of outward beauty, inner strength and a well-rounded personality.

Ecuadorian women might be a bit more reserved and modest than other Latinas, but this does not make them any less exciting to date. If you do find yourself here on your journey to finding love here are a few tips that will come in handy and help you get a Fernanda Cornejo of your own.

Here are our best tips for dating Ecuadorian Women

Intellect comes into play

Ecuadorian women have a very high literacy level. These Ecuador girls are very smart which means that you will need to put in a little more effort to get them interested. Engaging them in intellectual and thoughtful conversation is one way to do this.

Don’t shy away from controversial topics

Ecuadorian beauties are feisty and more than ready to stand up for what they believe in. Look at the likes of model and actress Erika Velez who went against the norm taking up a women’s rights activist role in a country where such matters are still controversial. Sharing your opinions on other topics like these might get you ahead of the competition. So yes, it is time to bring out your pineapples on pizza points.

Erika Velez Ecuadorian Woman
Erika Valez a hot Ecuadorian woman

Dial down the macho vibes

Ecuadorian ladies have faced a lot of discrimination under a previously oppressively patriarchal society. Going all macho and controlling will not get you anywhere with them. The most important thing is to see and treat her as an equal, and you should have her hooked in no time.

Take initiative

Dialing down the macho does not mean that you completely abandon your confidence. These women are strong and will appreciate some initiative from you. So ask her for her number or propose a fun date. It might seem simple, but it will work wonders.

Consider calm indoor dates

Sexy Ecuadorian girls are different from most Latinas, like Brazilian Women in that they have more reserved and calm personalities. That means that you will probably do better with low key dates like dinner, a movie or a casual indoor date at your place. There are, however, exceptions to the rule like socialite and media influencer Adriana Sanchez.

Cute Ecuadorian Woman
A sexy girl from Ecuador

Put physical intimacy on hold

Being aggressive with your sexual advances will only hurt your chances with Ecuadorian mamacitas. They are raised to be virtuous and modest and will probably not get freaky with you for a long time. Take this as an opportunity to get to know her better. That way when she unleashes her full Latina sensuality, it will be a lot more special for you both.

Let her pamper you, but remember she “ain’t your momma.”

Hot Ecuadorian ladies are known for their great home-making qualities. She is the type of woman who will cook and clean for the man she loves. However, in the age of female empowerment, this is not something they know they do not necessarily have to do for you. So appreciate her for all her hard work and do not be entitled about it.


Whether it is a traditional beauty from Guayaquil or a feisty townie from Quito hot Ecuadorian chicas will not disappoint. Just use our seven simple dating tips, and you should have a great time.