Ecuador Women: Things to Know Before Dating an Ecuadorian Girl

Ecuador is best known for its breathtaking Galapagos Islands and exotic wildlife, including llamas.

However, these are not the only exotic and breathtaking things that this South American gem has to offer!

Ecuadorian women are quite the prize with their combination of outward beauty, inner strength, and well-rounded personalities.

Ecuador women might be a bit more reserved and modest than other Latinas, but this does not make them any less exciting to date.

If you do find yourself here on your journey to finding love, here are a few tips that will come in handy and help you get a Fernanda Cornejo of your own.

What Are Ecuadorian Women Like?

Erika Velez Ecuadorian Woman
Erika Valez is a hot Ecuadorian woman

Ecuadorian women often get overshadowed by its more famous and arguably more glamorous South American neighbors, namely Peruvian, Brazilian, and Colombian girls.

But we are here to change that!

Here’s a primer on what dating a hot Ecuadorian girl is like!

Ecuadorian women Have Exotic Yet Simple Looks

Ecuadorian girls, much like Bolivian women, will not blow you away with their appearance, which is the reason they often get overlooked in favor of Brazilians and Colombians. In terms of their physical attributes, you will find them closer to beautiful Peruvian girls.

But don’t be thrown off by their lack of classic Latina features – you can still find lots of gorgeous women with an exotic look to them!

They Are Modest And Mild-Mannered

Most Ecuadorian girls are not as extroverted as other beautiful Latinas and can have rather closed personalities, especially when it comes to interacting with foreign men. After all, they have been raised in traditional families, and it shows in their behavior.

Don’t worry, though. Once she becomes more comfortable around you, she’ll be ready to show you her true colors, which are more than awesome.

They Are Polite

The Ecuadorian lady you meet is very likely to be polite, respectful, and maybe even a little reserved when you meet her.

This isn’t because she is naturally shy, it’s just because she was taught from when she was young to be polite towards others as part of her strict family upbringing.

Once you get to know her, you will find that she should be very pleasant and easy to get along with.

Ecuadorian Women are Family Oriented

Ecuadorian girls are taught from a very young age that family is everything and that their mission is to become hard-working wives and mothers.

This is why the Ecuadorian girl you date will value family relationships above all else. When you do get married, she will become just as devoted and supportive of you as she is to her family.

They Have a Warm And Loving Personality

One reason why Ecuadorian girls make great partners is because they fully embody their femininity and female roles in society.

The Ecuadorian girl you date will be very devoted and loving towards you and very warm in her disposition. She can create the perfect environment for you when you return home after a long day at work.

Ecuadorian women Honor Traditional Values

If you are looking for a quick hook-up and fun nights, you stand to be disappointed. Hot Ecuadorian girls are a lot more traditional and conservative than you may have thought, and most are looking for marriage.

The good news is that as a handsome foreign Western man, you will instantly stand out from the Ecuadorian guys the girls are used to.

You need to be on your best behavior and really persuasive if you want even to get a second date with them!

They Are Homemakers

Ecuadorian women are excellent homemakers. They are receptive to the traditional male-female dynamics and are happy to play second fiddle to their man.

They are great at cooking, looking after the family, raising kids, and will tirelessly take ownership of all the household chores that the family needs.

Where To Meet Ecuadorian Women?

Given their relatively closed nature, meeting women in Ecuador requires more effort than in other Latin American countries. However, the effort will definitely be worth it!

Contrary to other countries in Latin America, you will find more open-minded women along Ecuador’s coastline compared to inland.

Ecuadorian girls are not completely oblivious to technology advancements either, so you do have both online and offline options to explore.

Meet Beautiful Ecuadorian Women Online

Browsing dating sites is something you can start working on weeks before you visit Ecuador.

amolatina in ecuador and Tinder are quite popular dating sites with foreigners (and, obviously, local girls). Badoo and FirstMeet, although with a smaller user base, are worth a try as well.

Given their reserved nature, beautiful Ecuadorian women are more likely to shed their initial inhibitions sooner if you get talking online.

A simple search with basic membership would return thousands of results, and you can filter them out based on your preferences.

However, if dating is an indispensable part of your trip, taking up paid membership and exploring advanced features would be worth the effort.

Online dating is not easy anywhere in the world, and in the Ecuadorian context, you need to be extra patient.

Cities like Quito and Cuenca are your best bets, and yes – steer clear of those fake profiles that’ll typically have a single, super sensuous bikini pic and will appear an easy catch.

Interact with as many profiles as possible, and you will hopefully have a few numbers before you land.

Where to Meet Women in Ecuador?

meet women in Ecuador

There are a handful of cities that will give you enough opportunities to meet women.

Ecuador is not really known for clubbing and nightlife, so you need to pick your places well.

Coastal towns of Guayaquil and Montanita have some potential of crossing paths with single, approachable women at common places. Quito is another option to consider.

Scarce as they are, the clubs are decent, and the entrance fee usually stays within the $10-$15 range.

Accommodation and public transport are fairly inexpensive as well, so even if you have to do a bit of club-hopping to find your type of girl, it’ll definitely not burn a hole in your pocket.

Let’s take a closer look at meeting women in Ecuador.


girl from Guayaquil

First built in 1538, Guayaquil is one of the oldest cities in South America. This port town is dressed with a vibrant architecture built over the last five hundred years.

Located right by the Pacific Ocean, this city provides a breath of fresh air for those who have spent some time in the higher altitude regions of the country.

Guayaquil is also the biggest city in Ecuador, even though it is not the capital.

The city is also in the middle of a major renovation phase. The government has invested more into high-rise buildings, visually attractive waterfronts, public parks, and upscale dining districts – that’s great news for visiting tourists like you!

The best area to meet women in Guayaquil, without question, is Zona Rosa. This district is filled with clubs and bars.

My personal favorites are Cali Salsoteca, where I had one of the best salsa dancing experiences in my life, and La Paleta, which I believed served the best cocktails in the city.

Another club worth checking out is El Colonial. This is the oldest nightclub in Guayaquil and also arguably the most well-known. A lot of tourists and foreigners visit here for this reason. 


lady from Montanita

Montanita is a hippy beach town located in the Santa Elena Peninsula. Noted for its neat, thatch-roofed buildings and lively beach bars, this town is popular with backpackers, digital nomads, and anyone else working their way down (or up) South America’s Pacific coastline.

Let me tell you, if you want to go ‘off the beaten path’ in Ecuador and have some fun away from the big cities, this is the place to visit.

The number one thing to do in Montanita is to spend time on the beach. After diving into the waves, you can sprawl out and relax on the sand while drinking an ice-cold beer from one of the bars. And yes, there are always lots of girls here at the beach as well. Get a conversation going by asking where they’re from or if it’s their first time there.

Just outside of the city, I recommend you go hiking in trails of the lush Chongon-Colonche cloud jungle (where the clouds literally descend into the trees). Also, don’t forget to hike up the La Punta, a rocky cliff that offers a truly spectacular view overlooking the ocean.

If there’s a girl you like at your hostel and who you want to get to know more, ask her if she’s up for any of those activities.


woman from quito

Quito is the capital city of Ecuador and is located at a high altitude in the mountains. Founded in 1534, it’s even a few years older than Guayaquil. And just like Guayaquil, Quito is currently undergoing a major renovation period to help modernize it with new high-rise buildings, public parks, and restaurants.

Even so, the natural history here in Quito is highly evident through the architecture, artworks, and sculptures that give this city its soul.

I recommend you check out the San Francisco Conjunto Monumental Church, originally constructed in the 1570s. In the city center, you can venture into Old Town with its vast array of cafes and shops. Outside of the city, spend a day exploring the Botanical Gardens.

Any one of these is a great idea for a day date when you meet a girl you decide you’d like to get to know better and spend time with.

But where are you supposed to meet women to ask out in the first place?

There are a few streets in Quito that are lined with bars and clubs to practice your approaching skills. These include:

  • Calama
  • Pinta
  • Reina Victoria
  • Santa Maria
  • Dirty Sanchez Cafe Bar

Each of these streets really comes alive at night and offers you the best chances for meeting women.

The Ecuador Dating Culture

beautiful woman from ecuador

If you have grown up on a dose of stereotyping all Latinas, Ecuador women will surprise you big time!

First things first, when you are dating a hot Ecuadorian girl, sex is strictly off the table in the first few meetings. So, forget about those quick, fun hook-ups and one-night stands. They will treat you with respect and expect the same. Take things slow and give them the time they need to open up to you.

The women are raised on solid family values, and it shows in their personalities. Once you win their trust and make them comfortable, they will be the most faithful, committed, and loyal partners.

You can find a lifelong partner in them, as they have been brought up to be a loyal wife and a homemaker.

How to Impress an Ecuadorian Woman

Sexy Ecuadorian Woman

Show Your Smartness

Ecuadorian women have a very high literacy level. These Ecuador girls are very smart, which means that you will need to put in a little more effort to get them interested. Engaging them in intellectual and thoughtful conversation is one way to do this.

Don’t be Shy

Ecuadorian beauties are feisty and more than ready to stand up for what they believe in.

Look at the likes of model and actress Erika Velez who went against the norm taking up a women’s rights activist role in a country where such matters are still controversial.

Sharing your opinions on other topics like these might get you ahead of the competition. So yes, it is time to bring out your pineapples on pizza points.

Don’t Act Like a Macho

Ecuadorian ladies have faced a lot of discrimination under a previously oppressively patriarchal society. Going all macho and controlling will not get you anywhere with them. The most important thing is seeing and treating her as an equal, and you should have her hooked in no time.

Be Honest And Direct

Ecuadorians tend to be well-educated, honest, straightforward, and won’t shy away from discussing controversial subjects. If you aren’t sincere or very confident talking about such topics yourself, the girls won’t like it because they’re not used to it. You can also take this a step forward and…

Make the First move

Dialing down the macho does not mean that you completely abandon your confidence. These women are strong and will appreciate some initiative from you. So ask her for her number or propose a fun date. It might seem simple, but it will work wonders.

Consider Calm Indoor Dates

Sexy Ecuadorian girls are different from most Latinas, like Brazilian women, in that they have more reserved and calm personalities.

That means that you will probably do better with low-key dates like dinner, a movie, or a casual indoor date at your place.

Put Physical Intimacy On Hold

Being aggressive with your sexual advances will only hurt your chances with Ecuadorian mamacitas. They are raised to be virtuous and modest and will probably not get freaky with you for a long time.

Take this as an opportunity to get to know her better. That way, when she unleashes her full Latina sensuality, it will be a lot more special for you both.

Be Ready To Meet Her Parents Early On

It’s very common for Ecuadorian girls to live with their parents until they are married, and they will often consider their mothers and grandmothers to be the ultimate authority in life.

For these reasons, you will need to get the ‘seal of approval’ from your girlfriend’s family if your relationship is to continue.

Expect her to invite you to the family house for dinner after the second or third date.

Let Her Pamper You, But Don’t Take Advantage of Her

Hot Ecuadorian ladies are known for their great home-making qualities. She is the type of beautiful woman who will cook and clean for the man she loves.

However, in the age of female empowerment, this is not something they know they do not necessarily have to do for you. So appreciate her for all her hard work and do not be entitled about it.

Are You Ready to Date Ecuadorian Women?

Whether it is a traditional beauty from Guayaquil or a feisty townie from Quito, sexy Ecuador girls will not disappoint. Now pack your suitcase and get ready for visiting Ecuador!

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