Colombian Dating: How to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you?

Colombian women have many attributes that attract men from everywhere in the world. Their physical characteristics like tanned skin and curvy figure get talked about the most, though their inner self is equally appealing. Latinas also have an inherent charm to them that wonderfully complements their personality!

If you are looking to date beautiful, fun-loving, adventurous, and charismatic Colombian ladies, read our simple tips. We’ll tell you exactly how to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you!

What are Colombian Women Like?

Colombian girls have soared in the popularity charts during the past decade, and they truly live up to the hype! Here’s a little more about these women.

Absolutely gorgeous

Colombian women are by far the most beautiful in Latin America, and it is not entirely god-gifted – they put a lot of effort into their appearance. Consequently, you’ll easily find an 8 or a 9 working in a store without attracting special attention.

Even though other Latin American countries hog the limelight when it comes to bikini-clad beach babes, Colombians hold their own in terms of the overall package. Their seductive Spanish accent is worth dying for, and when mixed with their elegant sophistication, they are truly irresistible.

However, there is more to these ladies than their well-documented beauty. Here are a few other important characteristics of a Colombian woman.

Sofia Vergara Beautiful Mexican Woman
Sofia Vergara is the Hottest Colombian Woman


Colombian families are close-knit, and it is common for many generations to stay together in the same house. This rubs off on the ladies’ personalities, who value family above their personal choices and would make any sacrifice for them.

If you are looking to settle down with her, you would have to win the family’s approval first. However, once done, she will be ready to take on any role for turning your house into a home – a loving and supporting wife, a nurturing mother to your kids, and the perfect homemaker.


Colombian girls have an inherent feminine side to their personality, which is evident in the way they carry themselves. Graceful and sophisticated on the exterior, their passion makes them wonderful lovers.

They are raised with fairytales of Prince Charming and dream of settling down and having kids with their Mr. Right. Their feminine side makes them transition seamlessly from a passionate girlfriend to a caring homemaker.


You’ll find your Colombian girlfriend to be conservative – they inherit this from their traditional Roman Catholic upbringing and value system imparted by the elders. If you find them quiet and introverted during your initial interactions, do not for a moment think they are easy to get and dominate.

Barring very few exceptions, do not expect them to sleep with you on the first night either, or even before marriage. They need some time to fully trust you and let you inside their self-imposed boundaries.


Colombian girls are a true reflection of traditional communities where politeness is the expected and accepted manner of conversation. Most Colombians wave and greet people on the street, and you must get used to it.

Their politeness, combined with sexy bodies, is often misunderstood as an invitation for sex, which is far from the truth.

Love to have fun

They are natural dancers and would not let go of an opportunity to let their hair down and enjoy the moment. Not just Salsa – pretty much any tune with a good rhythm, and they are on their feet. Dancing is not exclusive for them, and they love to pair up with their uncles, friends, mothers, boyfriends, or even complete strangers they met five minutes ago.

For all their good qualities, beautiful Colombian women have also earned a reputation for not showing up on dates. Hence, you will have to earn every minute of your time with them.

Where to Meet Colombian Singles?

Even though Colombian girls are traditional, they have blended well with modern times. This is good news for you, as it opens up both the online and offline channels to make your first move.

Here’s how you can meet Colombian women:

In Colombia

Meeting prospective dates while exploring nightlife is a tried and tested way that works in most places around the world. Cities like Bogota, Medellin, Cali, and Cartagena are good places to start, as the women are more extroverted and receptive to foreigners.


Whether you are on a shoestring budget or looking for something lavish, the capital city of Bogota will not disappoint you. Candelaria has a unique, old-world charm to it, but other than that, the unending cloudy weather of Colombia’s largest city is not every traveler’s idea of a romantic setting.

On the upside, you will find light-skinned, extroverted Bogota women who are from all around the country and love to party with foreigners. Zona T and Zona Rosa neighborhood areas are our top recommendations.


Medellin has emerged from its infamous shadows of being the business area of Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel and is now one of the most developed Latin American cities. Neighborhood areas of Envigado, El Poblado, and Laureles come highly recommended for foreign men looking to experience a truly western world and spring-like weather with a beautiful Medellin woman.


If you are on a long trip, looking to experience tropical weather, Colombia’s western city Cali is the place to visit. Situated in the Valle del Cauca region, it does not have the best structure around law and order though, so tourists need to be careful.

The women there are distinctively sexy! It is also referred to as the Salsa capital of the world, making it very easy to walk up to a Latin woman in a bar and ask for a dance.


Cartagena is very different compared to other cities and has an unmissable Caribbean charm to it. It remains hot and humid most times, so planning your trip during winters will give you a slight respite. The women there have a darker complexion compared to those from Bogata and Medellin, making them more exotic-looking.


If you want to have some basic information beforehand, online dating is the way to go.

Given the history, a vast majority of Latin women speak only Spanish. If that is not your cup of tea, Colombian dating sites like AmoLatina or others will help filter out the English speakers.

AmoLatina has lots of singles looking to meet foreign men and the registration process is super simple.

Irrespective of the medium you choose, make sure you do not end up at shady meeting places – we do not want you to land in legal trouble while finding a fun date!

How To Make A Colombian Woman Fall In Love With You?

Latinas are naturally inquisitive about foreign men, and this is one factor you need to take full advantage of. The men of the land have a reputation of being rough and rude to women to the point of treating them as objects. Being a thorough gentleman and treating your lady with the utmost respect is half the battle won.

General tips

A few basic points to keep in mind when trying to impress your Colombian girlfriend are:

  • Groom yourself well
  • Wear a good perfume
  • Be at your chivalrous best
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Compliment her
  • Pay for the drink and her taxi
  • Avoid using slang
  • Show interest in her family and culture
  • Don’t push her into sex in a hurry

Be respectful

Beautiful as they are, Colombian women often crave attention and respect. Most of them have been brought up with deeply rooted family values.

Many of them aspire to be a wife and a mother who looks after the family. If you’re after a serious relationship, make sure you show interest in (and pay attention to) their life story and their aspirations.

Make her feel special

Small gestures such as pulling her a chair, being nice to the restaurant staff, and keeping your phone aside will go a long way in making her feel valued. Latina women spend a lot of time on their looks, so a compliment or two will make them feel special. These little things will also make her realize she has your full attention.

Don’t act like someone you’re not

We highly recommend being your usual self with the Latina ladies. If you are too sophisticated on your first date, you would find yourself in trouble sustaining that level on subsequent dates and will come across as a fake. Be nice but be original too.

How to Impress and Date a Beautiful Colombian Woman?

Beautiful Colombian Lady

Getting a date with a sexy Colombian girl is way easier than getting a second one with her. Besides the basic, non-negotiable requirements of being well-mannered, you need to blend in with a few cultural aspects to get the most out of your date.

Here are a few handy tips for dating Colombian ladies:

  • Show up on time with a gift – Being late is a huge turn-off. Be on time and take along a small gift to her liking to convey you care. Do not expect her to be punctual, though. After all, she deserves to take time to get ready for you!
  • Present yourself well – Hot Colombian women are drawn to hygiene and presentation. Shave (or trim), shower, wear clean, semi-formal clothes with shoes to complete your look before you show up.
  • Be confident – At the risk of sounding cliché, we would stick to the age-old advice of being confident in yourself on your date. Do not get overwhelmed and let your natural conversationalist take over. Remember that things will go well as long as you show interest in your date and treat her with respect.
  • Don’t be cheap – Do not misinterpret the girl’s sexy accent and curvy body. Make natural conversation without being suggestive or offensive. It is OK to pass subtle compliments, but do not be cheesy. Give her time to trust you and open up – save up on the dirty talk for later!
  • Don’t mention drugs – While a casual and funny conversation is welcome, know your boundaries! Irrespective of Colombia’s reputation or your liking for the web series Narcos, do not let your conversation approach anywhere near Pablo Escobar or drugs. Nobody likes to hear bad things about their country from foreigners, no matter how light-hearted the reference is.
  • Hit the dance floor – Latina girls love dancing! Even if you are not an expert in Salsa, just let yourself flow with the beat. Be close to her while dancing and avoid talking – this is the time for some healthy flirting if you felt the initial spark.
  • Engaging conversation – Listen to her and ask questions (without making it sound like an interview) to show that you are interested in her life, hobbies, likes, dislikes, and preferences.
  • Meet the family – If your dates go well and you are considering taking the next step in your relationship, be prepared to meet a large Colombian family. The eldest member (likely a grandma) needs to see you and evaluate your suitability for their girl, so a nod from him/her will seal the deal.
  • Finish well – A simple ‘gracias’ followed by walking her home or making an effort to drop her home safely will leave a lasting impression. She might well decide upon a second date instantly, knowing you want her to be safe.

Reasons For Dating Colombian Women

Reasons to date a Colombian woman go far beyond their looks. If you are from Europe or America, you’ll find more reasons to date them, thanks to their inclination towards the family.

Whether you are looking for an evening’s company or a lifelong companion, beautiful Colombian women can fit the bill perfectly. Here are a few qualities of theirs:

  • OK dating 15-25 year older guys
  • Sensitive, emotional, optimistic, passionate and lively
  • Family-oriented
  • Modest, low maintenance lifestyle
  • Strong sense of commitment

Beautiful women across Europe and America have earned the reputation of being indifferent towards family and being demanding. Colombian singles present a wonderful alternative to the high maintenance, sophisticated, flashy lifestyle that might not be your cup of tea.

Enjoy Dating Colombian Women!

To summarize, a Colombian Latina might be the perfect companion, girlfriend, or wife – whichever type of relationship you’re looking for!

Once you get to know a Colombian single better, you will see the caring, family-oriented girl behind her club-hopping, dancing exterior.

We have compiled all the information you need to date beautiful Colombian women and hope this guide helps you win the heart of your girl very soon.

Also, make sure to read these Questions To Ask A Colombian Girl.

Good luck!

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