Paraguay Dating Guide: How to Meet and Date Paraguayan Girls

The mystery is one of the many reasons why Western men are interested in Paraguay women. Many of us don’t know much about the country, let alone the beautiful single Paraguay ladies.

It’s time to change that! If you want to start dating women from Paraguay and be successful at finding good matches, you need to start here.

When I traveled to Asuncion a couple of years ago, I had the chance to meet a very interesting Paraguayan girl. Let me tell you what I learned about dating Paraguay women:

  • What Are Paraguayan Women Like?
  • How To Meet Paraguay Girls?
  • Easy Tips to Date Women in Paraguay

What are Paraguayan women like?

Paraguayan Woman

The identities and personalities of Paraguayan women are deeply rooted in their culture, heritage, and tradition. These three dictate their values, unique physical and facial features, and how beautiful women of Paraguay approach dating. Let’s be more specific:

Exotic Looks

You shouldn’t be surprised that most girls look “mixed.” It is merely because of their ancestors – primarily the Guarani, Spanish, German, and even Japanese. For this reason, many of the ladies look Latin American-Indian, European, or a mix of both.

Talking about physique, don’t expect women of Paraguay to be as curvy as those living in Brazil. Brazilian babes have more volume in their curves, while Paraguayan women have a slimmer physique. There’s nothing wrong with that, though, as they still turn many heads!

Natural Beauties

Most South American women like to glam up every day, but Paraguay women are different. Most prefer a natural feel to their look. They don’t wear much makeup during the day and wear simple, comfortable clothing. However, when there’s a planned night out on the town, these girls-next-door transform into supermodels!

Traditional Values Mixed With The Modern

Yes, it’s true that women of Paraguay still assume a more old-fashioned role when it comes to the household as the country still has a more male-dominated society.

Men are expected to “bring home the bacon” and make significant decisions for their families. On the other hand, the women are expected to focus on taking care of the chores and children.

In recent times, however, women’s perspectives have become more liberated, especially when discussing women’s rights. Don’t expect a modern-day Paraguayan lady not to be opinionated

The traditional mindset of caring for family and the household remains even while women have begun to pursue their independence.

How To Meet Paraguay Women?

There are two ways to meet and start dating women in Paraguay – one, by visiting the country, and two, by meeting singles online.

Dating Paraguayan Woman

Meet Girls in Asunción

If you want to visit Paraguay directly, go to the capital because there’s always something happening there.

Your best bet in meeting single women in Paraguay is in and around Paseo Carmelitas. Be it day or night, the lively ambiance and numerous eating joints will not disappoint you. Let’s check some prime locations.

 Where to meet women in Asuncion during the day

The day game can get slow, but Paseo Carmelitas is a great place to meet single girls. If you have rented a car, be patient looking for a parking spot. If you have hired a cab, negotiate well – cabbies love to rip off foreigners.

With that out of the way, let’s have a look at the happening best places to check out during the daytime. Once you are in the complex, you will be spoilt for choices. Lively music, themed restaurants serving global cuisine, karaoke bars – the place has it all. There’s even a cinema inside if you want to bide your time.

Here are a few places in Asuncion frequented by single women all day long:

  • La Constanera Promenade
  • Plaza de los Heroes
  • Shopping Villa Morra
  • Paseo La Galeria
  • Shopping del Sol

 The Night Game in Asuncion

Paraguay Dating Culture

The real action happens post-sunset, provided you are at the right place at the right time. Once again, our area of interest is restricted to Paseo Carmelitas – the country’s party capital. The area comes alive at night, and a casual walk along the street will lead you to restaurants and pick-up bars. Mondays might be dull, but you’ll find fun places to hang out all week.

Finding a hotel here has numerous advantages. You save up on commute time and money, you can party late and walk to your place, and get women to your place quickly if you want to strike the iron while it’s hot!

Though you will find plenty of places on your own, here are my recommendations if you want to zero in on the hotspots:

  • Morgan Warehouse
  • Rockero
  • Cover
  • Faces
  • Britannia Pub
  • Seven
  • Coyote

If approaching women directly is not your cup of tea, you can use a location-based app like Tinder or other Paraguay dating sites. You can then chat with Paraguayan girls you match with before meeting them at a nearby café or restaurant. This way, you can be sure that the interest is mutual.

Online dating in Paraguay

As mentioned, the more efficient approach would be meeting women of Paraguay through an online dating site before you land in the country.


A young user-base spanning millions, presence across 30+ countries, easy registration, free sign-up, and more. AmoLatina checks all the boxes for finding online dating platforms across Latin America.

You can get through registration in minutes by entering your basic details and preferences. Its matching algorithm is highly accurate, which enhances your probability of success. Though scammers eventually find their way to all dating websites, AmoLatina’s safety and anti-scam measures are efficient at keeping them away.

Free membership offers plenty to wet your feet. However, if you are serious about dating Paraguay girls online, a paid membership is the way to go. Its credit-based membership plans are expensive compared to other sites, but the services and quality profiles are worth extra money.


latin american cupid review

LatinAmericanCupid has a simplistic design with an attractive layout with aesthetically tucked-in features. Focused on Latin American dating services, the website is plush with Latin American profiles spanning the entire region. Once you sign up, you can use its filters to zero in on Paraguay girls matching your preferences. One standout fact about its user profile is the number of women seeking foreign men with no Latin ancestry. This is a good indicator of things to come!

There is a last active feature, which indicates the last time a user was active. It is an important tool that saves you from pursuing inactive profiles. You get your matching profiles for free. In addition, you can add profiles to your favorites and message paid users. For anything more, you need the paid membership starting at $29.98 a month.

A major downside of the website is its lack of email verification, which simplifies entry for scammers. However, as long as you are careful about them, you’re in for a good time.

Four Easy Tips For Dating Women Of Paraguay

Paraguay Dating Guide
  • One of the biggest challenges that you have to overcome is the language barrier. That applies both to online and offline dating. Our advice is to learn Spanish before making contact with anyone.
  • The key to dating in Paraguay is friendship. That might sound strange to you, but most couples in Paraguay started as friends first. Take it slow, get to know your love interest first, and focus on building a good foundation before you profess your love.
  • As a foreigner, you have an edge because you’ll be more interesting to get to know. Women from Paraguay are naturally curious about the cultures and norms of other countries, so you’ll quickly get the conversation going.
  • When dating in Paraguay, remember that women prefer manly guys. You have to put forth your robust and assertive side. Also, always remember that a clingy man is a big turn-off.

Final Thoughts on the Paraguay Dating Culture

Before dating the women of Paraguay, it’s best to learn more about their culture and maybe some Spanish on the side. If you play your cards right and understand the essence of Paraguayan women, you might find love in the Corazón de Sudamérica or “Heart of South America.”

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