Mexican Dating Culture: The Guide To Dating Men and Women in Mexico

When it comes to the Mexican dating culture, there’s a lot for you to learn if you’re an outsider! Mexicans are passionate, culturally proud, and full of charm and character, so it’s no doubt that you’re looking for advice on how to make your new relationship work. 

To help you get the most out of your Mexican dating experience, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on Mexican dating culture based on real-life experiences.  

There are lots of myths flying around about dating in Mexico, but we’re here to set the record straight.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about: 

  • The main rules of the Mexican dating culture 
  • Top tips for dating a Mexican woman 
  • Top tips for dating a Mexican man

Are you ready to dive in and find out how to fall head over heels in love with the Mexican of your dreams? 

What are the main rules to follow when dating in Mexico? 

mexican dating culture

While every relationship is unique, there are some things about Mexican dating culture that apply in most situations. Here are five rules that will serve you well as you prepare to date a Mexican.

Take pride in your appearance 

One of the most important things about Mexican dating culture is that both people in the relationship are meant to look good! When you head out for a date, it’s not acceptable to turn up in gym clothes or slacks. 

You have to look the part and show one another that you’re serious about dating and that you want to make a lasting impression.

Consider wearing something extra special on your first date, as you want to make sure it’s not your last! 

Be romantic 

Romance is certainly not dead when it comes to Mexican dating culture. You can do so many things to show your affection to your partner in public, and PDAs are more than acceptable in Mexico. 

Treating your partner to cute gifts, calling them by their pet name, and taking them on surprise dates are all likely to work in your favor.

After all, Mexicans are fiercely passionate people, so don’t worry about overdoing it when it comes to your romantic gestures! 

Respect Mexican traditions 

When you’re new to dating in Mexico, you’ll quickly realize that Mexicans are proud of their traditions and cultural heritage. An important part of this is that men are expected to act like traditional gentlemen and show their ladies a good time. 

You should also use piropos – something that has long been a part of Hispanic culture and is basically the practice of showing your affection. While it’s often deemed offensive to use piropos with women you don’t know, it’s a sign of endearment to your partner. 

Go with the flow 

Mexican dating isn’t as structured or rigid as in other cultures. Hispanic people enjoy hanging out with one another and are happy just in each other’s company, particularly when they’re in a relationship. 

This means that dates are often spontaneous as opposed to planned in advance. While this might take a little bit of getting used to, you should be prepared to go with the flow so you can get the most out of your Mexican dating experience.

Learn some Spanish 

If you don’t speak it already, you will find that learning some simple Spanish will be hugely beneficial to your Mexican dating experience. While many Mexicans speak English, pretty much everything is done in Spanish. 

Not only will learning the lingo make you feel more comfortable, but it will also show your Mexican partner that you’re serious about making the relationship work. Start with some simple greetings and look for as many opportunities as possible to work on your language skills. 

The problems you can face when dating a Mexican person 

Okay, dating in Mexico is typically great, but there are some aspects of the Mexican dating culture that can cause you problems, including: 

The language barrier 

Naturally, if you start dating a Mexican and you can’t speak Spanish, you might struggle with communication at the start. However, you can easily rectify this by learning the language (as mentioned), so you shouldn’t let it deter you. You can start by learning some flirting phrases in Spanish.

Traditional gender roles 

In many instances in Mexican dating culture, traditional gender roles are very much at play. This means that the man is expected to be chivalrous and pick up the bill, while the woman is meant to look good and play the part. Things are changing, but the traditional stereotyping of gender roles might frustrate you at the start. 

The prevalence of Catholicism 

It is only a problem if you’re not religious, but Catholicism plays a huge role in everyday life in Mexico. In some families, women are expected to remain virgins until they marry, which may cause you some issues if you’re looking to get intimate right away.

The role of the family 

You will find that your Mexican partner is very attached to their family. That’s just the way it is in Mexico. It might seem overbearing at first, but you’re going to have to get used to it if you want your relationship to go the distance. 

Conservative attitudes towards sex 

Traditional Mexican families have incredibly conservative attitudes towards sex. Sleepovers are prohibited in many cases, and sex is forbidden before marriage. It doesn’t necessarily bode well if you were hoping for a physical relationship full of passion.

Top tips for dating a Mexican woman 

date in mexico

Hopefully, we haven’t put you off! While Mexican dating culture may be different from yours, you’ll come to terms with it sooner rather than later. To help you, here are our top tips for dating a Mexican woman: 

Make an effort 

It might sound obvious, but it’s so important. Mexican women want to be charmed and impressed by the men in their lives. If you haven’t bothered to make an effort – how you look, what you wear, and via romantic gestures – you don’t stand much of a chance. 

Ditch the stereotypes 

Okay, so we’ve run through some relevant things to the Mexican dating culture, but to successfully date a Mexican woman, you need to leave the stereotypes behind.

Instead of focusing on what you think she should be like, focus on who she really is. It will help you fall in love with a Mexican woman naturally. 

Impress her family 

To successfully capture a the heart of your Mexican girfriend, you need to impress her family. When you have the opportunity to socialize with her siblings or parents, try extra hard to make a good first impression, and do everything you can to convince them that you’re the right person to make her happy.

Top tips for dating a Mexican man 

Mexican Man

Mexican men are passionate, sociable, and great to be around. Here are some ways that you can impress him enough to start an exciting new relationship: 

Let him be a gentleman 

Mexican dating culture dictates that men should be chivalrous and show their women a good time. While traditional gender roles aren’t ideal, you should let your Mexican man do all the gentlemanly things that he offers to do. It will offend him if you don’t. 

Ask for his advice 

Mexican guys love to help their girlfriends out and are incredibly loyal and loving. Asking for his advice on particular aspects of your life is a great way to show him that you care about him, and he will be really happy to help you with any issues you face. 

Show him a good time 

You will quickly find that Mexican guys love to party! He will almost certainly be on the lookout for a woman who can have fun, so do your best to show him a good time while you’re dating. Mexican guys aren’t interested in settling down with boring partners! 

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Final thoughts on the Mexican dating culture

Mexican dating culture is undoubtedly unique, and there’s a lot you need to learn! But hopefully, this guide will help you adapt to the demands of the culture and make an excellent first impression with your Mexican partner.

We promise you will have a passionate, loving, and fulfilling relationship with your Mexican love interest! 

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