Dominican Dating: What You Need to Know About The Dominican Dating Culture

If you’ve been trying to find true love in the Dominican Republic, this article will help you understand what it means to date someone from this country. 

Don’t be surprised if Dominicans are nothing like the people you’ve dated back home because they are not! You are trying to date in the Caribbean, and from my experience, these people are a force of nature. 

Finding love in the Dominican Republic may be the best thing to happen to you, but it comes with its own set of “risks.”

So, are you ready to take on a challenge?

Here’s what you’ll read about in this article:

  • The main rules of the Dominican dating culture 
  • Top tips for dating a Dominican woman 
  • Top tips for dating a Dominican man

What are the main rules to follow when dating in the Dominican Republic?

Love Their Family as Your Own

This is pretty self-explanatory – Dominicans put their family on a pedestal. Most of them come from tight-knit families with long traditions, which creates a special bond even between distant cousins and relatives. 

If you want to win over your Dominican crush, show them how much you appreciate their family (only if you genuinely feel that way, though) and yours.

Appreciate Their Cooking Skills and Efforts

Food and cooking take a special place in Dominican culture! Sharing a meal with the family is more of a ritual than just simple nourishment.

They equally enjoy consuming and preparing delicious recipes, but they do appreciate it when you can surprise them with a plate you prepared on your own. But if you are no match for your Dominican partner in the kitchen, you may just sit back and enjoy their culinary skills. 

Give and Ask for Respect!

Whether you are a man or woman, don’t settle for anything less than being treated with respect and dignity. 

One issue in this country is abuse. Sadly, some Latino men feel they own their women. When you see the first sign of physical violence, get out. The same goes for men. Some Dominican women can be very aggressive and violent and treat their men poorly. 

Whether you are dating a man or woman, always treat and ask to be treated with respect if you are looking for a healthy, long-lasting relationship!

Mingle With the Locals On and Off-Line

To socialize and meet singles, just get out there. But if you are looking to meet interesting locals, it’s best to stay away from tourist places and areas that are breeding grounds for Sankies and Chapiadoras (see below). 

The Dominican Republic also has a large and active virtual dating scene. You will be surprised how many people are using dating apps there.

Even though the Internet is not the best place to find the love of your life, it is a pretty good starting point if you are new in town and have no friends and acquaintances

Don’t Be Afraid of a Direct Approach 

Like most Latin people, Dominican men and women are straightforward and outgoing. In their everyday communication and courtship, they are used to being addressed directly, with clearly expressed intentions and expectations, and they sure do return the favor. 

So, if you are just starting to adjust to the Dominican ways, try to be as open and direct as possible. As offensive and intrusive as it feels to you, they prefer to have all cards on the table without much beating around the bush. 

If a cute Dominican caught your eye, work out the courage to approach them and start a conversation. You won’t regret it!

Be Prepared for Fast Love

Once in a relationship with a Dominican person, things tend to move fast, speed-of-light fast! They don’t abide by rules like “wait 3 days before you text” or “have sex after the third date.” 

Remember, this is an island in the Caribbean! They dance to their own rhythm! They are fiery, passionate, good-looking, and hard to resist. It’s going to be a miracle if you find someone who’ll want to take things slow! 

The problems you can face when dating a Dominican Republic person

The Language Barrier

One of the first problems you will face when dating someone from the Dominican Republic is the language barrier. The Dominican Republic is a Spanish-speaking country, and if you can’t say a word in Spanish, you are off to a bad start. 

Unfortunately, you’ll soon find that most of the population doesn’t speak English unless you are trying to find love in big cities like Santo Domingo and Santiago de Los Cabellos. 

Plus, Dominicans speak one of the hardest-to-understand slang, so even if you know basic communication in Spanish, you may have trouble picking up on what they are saying. Luckily, they are open and easygoing, so they will try their best to make you feel welcome and accepted.

Excessive Jealousy 

Dominicans, especially women, are hyper-sexualized, and if you want to date one, you better find your confidence and learn to trust each other.

You may not be aware that Dominicans, like most Latin American men, openly express their admiration and affection but are also pretty feisty and possessive when it comes to love and romantic relationships.

And while they do enjoy being showered with compliments, they may not be as tolerant when their partner is getting some unsolicited attention.

Sankies and Chapiadoras

If you are not local, chances are you’ve never heard of Sankies and Chapiadoras before. Well, to put things into perspective, Sankies are low-key con artists. 

Usually, they are underpaid workers in resorts and tourist places that go around seducing gullible foreigners. A sanky will sell you a sob story of a hungry child or sick mother just to get some cash out of you.

Many Sankies usually target wealthy mature women who usually wouldn’t score a hot thing by love-bombing them. Women Sankies often lead handsome, wealthy gentlemen into full-blown relationships, and the men become sponsors. 

On the other hand, Chapiadora is a derogatory term used for decked out, “plastic” women who only chase after rich men and exchange affection for proper compensation. A classic gold-digger, if you would. 

Set Boundaries! You Are Not an ATM!

Unfortunately, Dominican Republic is a developing country, and there is never enough money. Don’t be caught off guard if your new relationship is riddled with financial problems and challenges. Your significant other’s family and friends will often see you as a cash machine!

To avoid unpleasant situations and feeling used, it’s best to set boundaries early and stick to them. It’s okay to help when truly necessary, but you are not an ATM!

Top tips for dating a Dominican woman

Beautiful Dominican Woman

Dominican women are a full-force – very passionate with everything they do, including dating! This can be a blessing and a curse at the same time, depending on what kind of a man you are. Here are some tips you may find helpful when dating a Dominican beauty: 

Take the lead

Take the lead, but don’t limit her in any way. Dominicanas are only seemingly submissive. They are great listeners, but they also know when to speak up!

Be prepared for dance dates

Don’t be afraid to follow a Dominican dancing queen on the dance floor! Dancing is a love language on this Caribbean Island!

Show her your outgoing side

Try to be as friendly and outgoing as possible. Dominican women love a man who can communicate, share a positive vibe, and have fun over drinks and good food.

Don’t underestimate her

DO NOT underestimate her or assume she is uneducated! You will stand corrected and alone!

Act and look like a gentleman

Look polished and behave like a gentleman. Dominicanas love showing off their envy-worthy men, so you might as well be one!

Show her respect & spoil her

Treat her, her friends, and her family with the utmost respect – pretty self-explanatory. And don’t confuse flirty for “easy”! She probably won’t get to bed with you on your first date! 

Spoil her

Finally, you should take any chance you get to spoil your woman with love, attention, and a gift here and there. Who doesn’t love being pampered?

Top tips for dating a Dominican man


Some will accuse Dominican men of being flirts and cheaters; others will say they are the perfect gentlemen cut out of a fairytale. There may be some truth to both claims, but we can’t stereotype an entire nation based on personal experiences.

Here’s a short list of things to have in mind when dating a Dominican man:

Accept that he’s a big flirt

Dominican men are passionate and romantic. They know how to seduce a woman and make her feel like a queen.

And flirting doesn’t stop with a relationship! He is charming, and he knows it! He will throw a compliment at a lovely lady, but it doesn’t mean he will run after every skirt he sees.

Appreciate his protective side

He is very protective, (usually) not possessive. Some will deem it sexist, but Dominican families raise their sons to be protective of the family, and the weaker and women are frailer in the eyes of Dominicanos.

Dress well

Looks matter, both theirs and yours, so wearing your best “feathers” wouldn’t hurt! Also, consider that a gentleman looks for a lady. Women on the island dress sexy and provocative, but they are never trashy. You should learn from their style to please your man!

Final thoughts on the Dominican dating culture 

Dominicans are caring, loving and fun people who know how to enjoy life with the little that they have. 

Now that you know everything there is to know about dating in the Dominican Republic, we hope that you find a Dominican boyfriend or girlfriend easily.

You can always go back to this article and use it as a personal guide to dating gorgeous Dominicans!  Make sure to also check the Dominican dating sites reviews.

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