How to Find a Mexican Girlfriend?

So, you want a Mexican girlfriend but don’t know how to get one? Well, you’ve landed on the right page! This article has everything you need to know to find a Mexican girlfriend.

We have compiled information that answers questions like:

  • Where to meet pretty Mexican women?
  • How to approach and charm them?
  • How to take it forward, so your Mexican girl wants to be with you forever?

Read on!

How to find a Mexican girlfriend

Approaching your girl at the right place and in the right way creates an excellent first impression and paves the way forward. There are three ways you can meet and seduce Mexican girls:

  • Locally (in your part of the world)
  • In Mexico
  • Online

We’ll take a look at all of the options below.


A significant part of the western world has a sizable Mexican presence. If you are from North America, Canada, or Western Europe, chances are you can even find them in your city, through mutual friends or online portals. They are a very united and helpful group, so being friends with one can unlock many possibilities.

In Mexico

If you are in Mexico or plan to be there sometime soon, that is your best bet. Many tourists have had fun-filled trips to the country, thanks to their Hispanic girlfriends. Mexico’s major cities have a vibrant culture with approachable girls.

Mexico City

Mexico City is a bustling, populous city and an exciting dating scene. The pleasant weather makes the following shopping malls an ideal place to approach hot women during daytime:

  • Polanco
  • Antara Fashion Hall
  • Centro Comercial Santa Fe
  • Oasis Coyoacan 

The nightlife gets more exciting, and the top dating hotspots are:

  • Patrick Miller
  • Republica
  • Sixtie’s Bar
  • Mancera Bar


The city, albeit full of options, has an element of safety concern, so we would recommend limiting your adventures to upscale districts like Zapopan during the daytime. In it, you’ll find lots of shopping malls that are frequented by singles during the day.

Good options are:

  • Leon
  • Forum Tlaquepaque
  • Centro Magno
  • Plaza Pabellon

If you are looking for some serious action on the first night itself, Centro and the Chapultepec bar strip should be top of your list . Do not expect them to be buzzing like Mexico City nightclubs and bars, however there are still many opportunities to meet women in Guadalajara.


Monterrey is a busy commercial center. Thanks to its international vibe, there is a decent number of English speakers. Your day dating game is best suited for shopping centers like:

  • Galerias Monterrey
  • Nuevo Sur
  • Plaza Paseo Tec

The city’s buzzing nightlife is best experienced at places like Strana, Casa Morelos, Akbal Lounge, and Ziggy. These are frequented by single women looking to have a good time over drinks and dance.


Online dating is your next best option if you aren’t in Mexico City yet (or don’t plan to go). Mexico has a vivid online dating scene, especially in and around the commercial centers. and Tinder have a large pool of singles looking to have a good time. Use the filters to zero in on the kind of girls you want to meet and take charge!

How to impress Mexican women?

Impressing a girl requires a thoughtful approach, and if you are in a Hispanic culture like Mexico, you need to be on your toes. Here are a few tips that should help you get a Mexican girlfriend:

Dress well

Dressing well is the first and easiest option to impress Mexican girls. Local guys ignore this, and foreigners often wear shorts and sandals. Get yourself a blazer, a nice t-shirt, jeans (or casual trousers), and complete your look with a nice pair of shoes.

Remember that you aren’t the only foreigner looking for a Hispanic girlfriend. That will give you a distinct, visible advantage and make you stand out.

Don’t be cheap

Mexico is not an expensive country to hang out with girls. Spending is associated with social status, so be prepared to spend upwards of $30 for a night. The girls love to drink and dance and are more likely to pay their share compared to other Latinas. Irrespective, don’t let your miserly behavior put them off.

Show her some respect 

Respect is non-negotiable anywhere globally, especially when prospective partners from two different cultures are figuring each other out. Give her your full attention, show interest in her culture, and make her comfortable. Do not be superficial – flaunting your lavish lifestyle (even if you have one) is more likely to be a turn-off than getting her in bed. Learn more about the Mexican dating culture.

Do not mention or expect sex during initial meetings – it would most likely project you as a pervert.

Flaunt your dominant side

Aggression is a tightrope that you need to negotiate through wisely. Avoid it during initial meetings, but as you get along, take it up a notch and take the lead. Mexican societies are traditional, and women like dominant partners who call the shots and make decisions. If you don’t, they might walk all over you.

Choose your conversation topics wisely

Mexico has had its problems with drug cartels and border issues with the U.S. Everyone knows it, but bringing it up in conversations would achieve little other than spoiling the mood and making her feel awkward. Limit your conversations around family, culture, tourist spots, sports, etc. and keep it light.

Learn some Spanish

It will add to your game – not only in Mexico but throughout Latin America and parts of Europe. A worthy investment, considering how easy the Spanish starter-kit is. Other than opening up a conversation channel, it will show your girl that you are putting efforts to understand her language and culture.

What’s it like having a Mexican girlfriend

So, you finally have a Mexican girlfriend and are feeling on top of the world. What next? Seducing a Mexican is the easy part. Adapting to her nature is where the real game begins. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Expect some outbursts of jealousy

Women have jealousy wired in them, and Mexicans have it in abundance. Avoid checking out other girls or heaping praises on the girl with you in that Instagram post of yours. Managing her jealousy without these acts would be tough enough – do not freak out when you smell jealous, as it is their default state.

You’ll need approval from her family first

That is where the Latin dating game is very different from western cultures. Family comes into the picture early, and you need to show yourself worthy of the girl to even take her out for dates. The good part is that once you’re past it, you would be invited to a lot of family events and look forward to an overdose of food, drinks, and dance.

They will drill into your dating history

If you have been in the city for a while and have dated other girls, they would know it one way or another. Mexican girls are curious by nature and would probe you (as well as your common connections) to dig out your relationship history. Just be up-front about it and get it over with.

You’re in charge of the dates

Being the man, you are the one planning the dates. Right from picking her up (it’ll include a fair bit of waiting), picking a place, setting the tone of the date, paying the bills, and dropping her back. It is a cultural thing, so play along rather than being finicky.

Now that you know the nuances of dating Mexican girls, we hope your wish of I want a Mexican girlfriend will soon be realized. Good luck!

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