6 Best Brazilian Dating Sites and Apps To Meet Singles in Brazil

If your lifelong dream has been to date a woman in the cult of beauty called Brazilian cuties, the dream is a few steps away from reality. Maybe you would like to know how it feels to bag a clear-skinned and emotionally-open Brazilian guy with other exciting features – I again volunteer to help.

I’ve been blogging in the online dating arena for several years and have tested out many dating apps from around the world. While I choose to keep the experiences I’ve had with the dates from the apps private, I’ll most certainly reveal some of the best apps and sites to use.

Here are the six best Brazilian dating sites and apps with which I had smooth and rewarding experiences. From the quality of users’ profiles to security, customer reviews, staff support, membership costs, and overall user experience, these platforms got many ticks in the plus column.

  • Amolatina
  • BrazilianCupid
  • Latin American Cupid
  • YourLatinMates
  • Amigos
  • Badoo

I’ll take you through the overview of each dating app and website, the quality of profiles, price, security, support, and the final verdict. This information will provide insight into the apps and sites and help you decide which one to work with based on your needs and desires.

So, roll your sleeves, and let’s get right in.

1. Amolatina

amolatina brazil


Amolatina is a dating website that allows you to meet single Latinas, including Brazilians worldwide. With over 20 million members, you will surely find a couple of good-looking lads and ladies who will take your breath away. From them, you can then narrow down to the one person you feel is truly “the one.”

It is packed with various interesting features that optimize your online dating experience and make it easier and faster to land a date. You can access the platform on your Android or iOS device. Translations are provided when you communicate with someone who doesn’t understand your language.

The platform’s layout is also very intuitive, and you can find plenty of essential information on your crush in one place. You can choose to flirt with them through the text messaging feature or video chat.

Quality of Profiles

Talk about detailed profiles! Amolatina’s profiles give the most helpful information you will need to get to know your match well. Before pouring your heart out to your Prince Charming or rib of your ribs, you can first check their profile to be sure they are what you want.

The profiles let you in on their interests, career, location, hair and eye colors, whether they drink and smoke, if they have kids, and so much more. You also get to view their high-quality photos to have a clearer mental image of their appearance and sexual appeal.

Setting up your profile is also pretty seamless. You only need to go to the sign-up page and provide your name, email, and password. Afterward, you will give a brief description of yourself and upload some of your best photos to continue to the dashboard.


Joining Amolatina is entirely free. However, sending your best romantic lines to potential dates, photos, and emails or having video chats with them will cost you. 

  • Texting costs one credit a minute
  • Emailing costs ten credits an email
  • Video chatting costs around six credits a minute 
  • Viewing and sending videos or photos costs 15 credits per item

You buy credits for the platform in the form of packages.

  • 20 credits – $15.99
  • 40 credits – $30.00
  • 80 credits – $56.00
  • 160 credits – $96.00

Premium membership also requires $9.99 per month with a discount for the first month.

Security and Support

Amolatina ensures you are well protected from scammers throughout the period you use the platform. Also, the customer service team is always on standby to help with any issues you may experience along the way. You are guaranteed a response within 48 hours.

Verdict: Your best option for dating Brazilian women!

2. Brazilian Cupid

brazil cupid review


Brazilian Cupid is a dating website that is part of the well-known Cupid network that provides dating websites for every part of the world. 

Brazilian Cupid helps you find your Brazilian soulmate faster and establish a long-term relationship that can lead to something concrete. Also, if you desire to have Brazilian friends, you can still get that from the website if you don’t mind long-distance friendships and relationships.

Most of the site’s users are from the United States, Brazil, France, Turkey, and The United Kingdom. There is also a balanced ratio of women to Brazilian men.

Unique features you get to enjoy while using the platform include the ability to block unpleasant users, instant messenger, Cupid tags for increasing exposure, and account verification.

Quality of Profiles

Brazil Cupid offers an excellent profile quality, especially with the account verification feature. When you become a verified member, your profile picture gets a green check next to it. All photos you upload to your account get scrutinized by the administration team to see if they meet the required quality standard. 

High-quality photos combined with a detailed description are recommended as they boost your chances of getting your perfect romantic partner by up to 40%. Another perk of using Brazil Cupid is seeing anyone’s profile photo, even with a free account. Moreover, there is profile translation to your preferred language if you’re not conversant with the default language.


You can use a free Brazil Cupid account to look around, but to send and read messages, among other activities, you’ll need to pay.

For Gold membership, you cough:

  • $29.98 for one month
  • $59.99 ($20 per month) for three months
  • $119.98 ($10 per month) for 12 months

And for platinum membership:

  • $34.99 for one month
  • $69.98 ($23.33 per month) for 3 months
  • $149.99($12.50 per month) for 12 months

The membership is auto-renewed upon expiry.

Security and Support

Brazil Cupid is quite adamant about account authenticity and bans suspicious accounts instantly. The customer support is also amicable, readily accessible, and helpful.

Verdict: Definitely worth trying!

3. Latin American Cupid

latin american cupid review


Latin American Cupid is an agent of Cupid, the God of love himself. The dating service paves the way for Cupid to help you strike his arrow of love to one of the single hot Latinas that you have an eye for. Latin American Cupid makes it possible if you want to flirt or find love and have a solid relationship.

The Hispanic dating site has around 5 million members looking for love. Imagine someone out there joined the site to look for you -and you might just be an account away from finding your better half.

Most members are from Brazil, the United States, Peru, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela. Latina American Cupid is the best fit if you want a reliable alternative for Amolatina.

An exciting feature of Latin American Cupid is a Cupid tag for making you popular to people looking for attributes you have. Also, you get a message filter that lets you sieve off people you feel you don’t have a connection with and keep them in the filtered folder.

Quality of Profiles 

The creators have gone a long way in the profile section to help you have an optimal dating experience. To begin with, other users’ profiles are coded based on compatibility.

Those you are more compatible with have a green color that looks more like a green light for you to let your curiosity and romance run wild on them. On the flip side, those who barely have the features you want have a red color on their profile to signal you to look elsewhere.

The fraud prevention team also examines profiles to determine their legitimacy, and a verification badge is placed on the real ones. You get the chance to give a like to profiles you feel romantically moved by and let the users know you are interested. You can also add profiles to your favorites list to come, see and fantasize about them during your lunch breaks.

Considering there are around 1500 users online, anytime you go online, you can never find yourself short of options to mingle with.


A free trial account option allows you to give the service a go before committing. Once you are sure, you can subscribe to any of the two premium memberships, platinum or gold.

Platinum membership 

  • For one month, you pay $34.99
  • For three months, you pay $69.98 ($23.33 per month)
  • For 12 months, you pay $149.99 ($12.50 per month)

Gold membership 

  • For one month, you pay $29.98
  • For three months, you pay $59.99 ($20 per month)
  • For 12 months, you pay $119.98 ($10 per month)

Security and Support

Several features and actions on the site help keep your account secure. First, every profile is recorded and monitored for strange activities to ensure community guidelines are followed.

The filter provision also helps keep your account free of people you find uninteresting. They may be genuine, but if you feel they are insisting and you have already told them you are not into them, filtering them from your messages section can help.

Customer service is also always at your beck and call.

Verdict: Reliable!

4. YourLatinMates

your latin mates


YourLatinMates is a more recent dating website that came to the online dating scene in 2016 that’s good for finding attractive Latinos. It is also referred to as Braziliawomen.com, hinting that your Brazilian type is its highlight. 

The site is known to have some of the sexiest Latina singles alive with features pleasing to the eye and the heart. If you look at it closely, you will notice striking similarities to Amolatina’s appearance. It is no coincidence as it is an Amolatina affiliate site. 

Features such as live video chat, instant messaging, sign-up page, and the overall appearance are alike on both websites. Although still green in the industry, YourLatinMate has snowballed to about 8400 active weekly users.

And let’s face it, what is the likelihood of meeting your soulmate out of 8400 people? Highly likely! Creating your account and entering all the preferred features of your ideal wife or husband are a few steps closer to finding them on the website.

Quality of Profiles

There are two distinct profiles in YourLatinMates, the member and non-member profiles.

The member profile is a profile subscribed to a premium package that’s renewed every month. Here you are registered and have full access to all of the website’s valuable features. Immediately you get this account, you get 20 credits and three video chat minutes for free when you begin your subscription.

The non-member profile is also a profile that requires registration, although a subscription to a premium package is not necessary. When you sign up, you receive a month’s free access that lets you use most of the website’s key features. 

The accessible features include viewing messages and profiles of other members and creating your profile.


As with Amolatina, YourLatinMates uses credits to allow users to communicate and build connections. The number of credits you’ll need varies according to how you intend to use the platform.

If you feel you will be video chatting more than using the text messaging feature, it’s fair to assume you’ll need more credits than a text messaging enthusiast.

Security and Support

Manual verification for every member ensures every user is genuine and with the right intentions. Also, an anti-scam system is available, and scammers are banned instantly to increase safety for the users. Your information is encrypted to keep your top-cream romantic poems and lines safe.

Verdict: Worth exploring!

5. Amigos

amigos com review


Amigos is among the oldest dating websites in operation at the moment. Over two and a half decades of online presence, it has helped thousands find their suitors and establish long-term relationships. 

It features Latinos worldwide looking to experience new cultures and romance. Various fascinating features such as the availability of local groups based on different love-based topics have helped it stand the test of time. 

You also get a host of success stories from the members and love advice on making your crush fall in love faster. With guidance from people who have experienced situations you currently are in, their insightful advice can help you overcome the love barriers in your life.

Amigos also has an active community with blogs, chats, and instant messenger to keep you in the love loop. The dating website is under the Friend Finders Network and has over 1.2 million users who speak Spanish, Portuguese and English. Translation services are offered to promote smooth communication.

Quality of Profiles

Amigos’s profiles offer plenty of information about every member. You get to know their age, location, what they are looking for on the website, and some juicy personal details about their preferences. 

Limited profile information is available as a free member, but you can unlock everything by getting a paid subscription. Amigos uses a matching system that lets you know how compatible you are with any profile you view. 

It is essential to be clear about your preferences as you fill out your profile section so that you can be perfectly matched with the right person.


You get two membership options with Amigos:

  1. Gold membership (1-month access goes for $19.99 and 3 months access for $34.99)
  2. Silver membership (1-month access goes for $9.99 and 3 months for $24.99)

Security and Support

Amigos.com secures your chat logs and keeps them protected from intruders. Also, every Amigos user is verified, and legitimate profiles get a trust label next to them when being viewed by other users.

Regarding support, there are many pages with answers to common questions about the dating platform. In case you have a particular question you want to ask, you can use the Contact Us form, and one of the support staff will get back to you soon as they see your message.

Verdict: Trustworthy!

6. Badoo

badoo review


Badoo is a 2-in-1 website with a dating site and social media where people can make friends and get casual flirting and no strings attached to dating. Countries in Europe have the highest percentage of active users.

Young adults and late teens also form the most active age group on Badoo. Special features on the dating app include the ability to see your lookalikes, the ability to see who has viewed your profile and likes you, interactive games like who’d you rather, screenshot block, and rude message detection.

Moreover, there’s a mood feature for sharing your moods or dates you want to have and a private detector for spotting indecent photos. You also have the choice to report a user for sending inappropriate pictures without even viewing them.

You can also get your profile rated by other members; you get more exposure if you get a high score.

Quality of Profiles 

Badoo provides the space to add more details about yourself to your profile. Every profile is run through a thorough verification process, and users are prompted to link their social media accounts or phones to their Badoo profiles.

The linkage helps with identity verification. Photos are also checked to determine their genuineness; any user, including free members, can see them.

You also get to declare your dating intentions for the support team to determine your motives. Video clips that involve taking brief videos of yourself for around 15 seconds to discuss different topics are also a thing on Badoo. They increase your visibility on the website if they get good scores.


Badoo offers a free membership account that lets you look around. You can use it to read and send messages.

To access all features, you should get a premium subscription.

  • A one-month subscription costs $12.99
  • A three months subscription costs $31.99
  • A 6 months subscription costs $47.99
  • A 12 months subscription costs $79.99

To interact, you’re also going to need credits. These are the credit rates:

  • For $2.99, you get 100 credits 
  • For $9.99, you get 550 credits
  • For $19.99, you get 1250 credits
  • For $39.99, you get 2750 credits

Security and Support

It is easy to report users who go against terms and conditions outlined by the creators using the Feedback page or the “Report Abuse” provision. The support team checks your complaint, and the reported user’s account is suspended if it is a cause for concern.

Badoo is keen on the safety and comfort of the users and provides a highly secure platform that has never been intruded on by hackers.

Verdict: Reliable!

Are you Ready to Date Brazilian Singles?

Ideally, the online world provides limitless opportunities to reach out to a hottie on the other side of the world you feel qualifies to be your significant other. The dating websites and apps mentioned have had high success rates in creating long-term connections that can last for decades.

The ball is in your court now. Which dating website do you feel is likely to help you bag that gorgeous Brazilian you have been dreaming about all your life?

Make sure to read about the Brazilian dating culture to increase your chances of success!

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