What You Need to Know Before Dating a Barbados Woman

If you are exploring Barbados and the women there stole your heart, this guide is here to help you pursue them. Like any other country, you need to know some specific details about the local women to ace the dating game.

In my numerous trips to Barbados in the past decade, I have dated many wonderful ladies. I learned something new with each date, and to save you time and effort, I’m covering the following common questions here:

What do Barbados women look like? What kind of personalities do they have?

Where to find attractive Barbadian singles at night and during the daytime?

How to attract a Barbados girl?

It will give you a head start, and it’s all about improvisation after that!

What are Barbados Women Like?

They have a unique appearance

If you’ve ever gone crazy over Rihanna, you already know how attractive Barbadian women are. Tanned skin, dark brown eyes, and curly, glossy hair are some of their most noticeable features. They work on their body and have sexy curves to make men drool over them. They are proud of their appearance and do not hesitate to don a bikini!

They are stylish

Girls in Barbados know how to complement their looks with the right style pieces. They like colorful, body-hugging outfits and know all about making their best features stand out. Whether it is the traditional, loose fittings colorful dresses or smart, professional ones for formal occasions, the women know how to carry them with elegance.

They have a cheerful outlook

Barbadian girls are fun, have extroverted personalities, and like to meet people. They are approachable and make friends easily. They are good conversationalists, making it easier for you to break the ice by chatting on common topics right after you first meet.

They are romantics at heart

Barbadian women dream of settling down with a loving life partner they can trust. Underneath their fun, outgoing, adventurous personality lies a small-town girl who wants to be loved and have a family with the man who would be with her through thick and thin. They value companionship, compatibility, and connection over materialistic pleasures.

They are adventurous and sporty

Barbadian girls are always up for an adventure. Whether it is the last moment plan to drive out of town or doing watersports at a beach, you will not be short of company. They like to live life to the fullest and make the most of each day.

The women are religious

Spiritual and religious consciousness is one of the most common personality traits of Barbadian residents. They have strong moral values, and anything seemingly unethical (like having sex before marriage) is considered taboo in most societies. Though the times are changing, you’d be better off respecting their choice.

The women are helpful and caring

They are good at developing stable, lasting relationships. They are taught to help people around from an early age. They welcome people irrespective of their race, background, and beliefs. If you had a bad day at work, she’ll be a patient listener and help you cool down rather than reacting impulsively.

They have strong family values

Raised in traditional societies and joint families, they prioritize the family’s interest over anything else. They make excellent life partners, as a Barbadian girl would go out of her way to support her man and nurture the family.

Where Can You Meet Barbados Girls?

date a woman from barbados

Being at the right place at the right time is equally important when it comes to dating. Thus, I’m listing out the places you need to be during night and day to enhance your chances.

Meeting girls at night

Bridgetown is a tourist hub with a happening nightlife. If you are single looking to get adventurous during the night, I recommend sticking around St. Lawrence Gap. It has the best nightlife, frequented by singles looking for immediate action.

Check out the following pick-up bars and nightclubs:

Don’t be surprised if an exceedingly well-groomed girl comes to you relatively easily and is game for a one-night stand. She is likely a prostitute looking to do the best she can in a poverty-stricken country.

Meeting girls during the day

You will find plenty of girls walking on the streets of Bridgetown, especially on St. Lawrence Gap. Saying a casual hello to one of them is worth a try. If you are looking for something more sophisticated, head out for the booze cruises and boats. They are never short of attractive women enjoying their drinks, looking to have a fun time.

Barbados has some wonderful beaches like:

  • The Beaches of Carlisle Bay (Brownes Beach, Bayshore Beach, Pebble Beach)
  • Crane Beach
  • Bottom Bay Beach
  • and many more

These have a jovial atmosphere, and women are looking to have a good time.

If it is a hot day, head out to one of these commercial centers that attract women:

  • Lanterns Mall
  • Sheraton Mall
  • Satjay Bridgetown Center
  • City Center Mall

Online Dating in Barbados

If you like to do some groundwork before venturing out, get started with online dating a week or two before landing in Barbados. Though it is convenient, the trade-off is that authenticity and security can be an issue.

I had the best luck on AmoLatina.com. The site has a decent mix of locals and internationals looking for connections in Barbados.

How to Seduce a Barbadian Woman?

Be chivalrous

Women appreciate chivalry around the world. Those little gestures of planning a date, picking her up from her place, dropping her back, opening doors for her, and paying bills make her feel important. It also shows the soft, caring side the women look for in a partner.

Be a good listener

Barbados women love to talk. When you’re with a girl, let her be herself and be a patient listener. It is a good thing that she trusts you enough to open up to you. Listening with an active interest and asking questions in between will strengthen your bond.

Plan your dates thoughtfully

Barbadian women are fun-loving adrenaline junkies. Harness their adventurous side and plan your outings to places offering different activities. It will get you closer and keep the relationship healthy.

Take the lead

Barbados women are brought up in a culture where men call the shots. While it is good to treat her as equal, being the decision-maker and asking her to follow along will make her want you more.

Final Thoughts

Barbados has an attractive combination of its unique geography and charming women. If you play your cards right, your stay in the island country will be a memorable one, punctuated with dating experiences you’ll treasure for life.

Now that this guide has got you in the groove get up and get going!

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