What You Need to Know About Dating a Haitian Woman

Have the hots for Haitian women but do not know where to start? This guide offers everything you need to prepare you for the dating game in Haiti!

I’ve visited this beautiful island a couple of times and have both times been pleasantly surprised to explore the romantic side of Haitian women.

In this article, I’ll cover my experience of dating Haitian women that would answer queries such as:

What are Haitian women like (appearance and personality)?

Where can you meet girls in Haiti?

What are Haitian Women Like?

Haiti is one of the poorest countries globally, so a girl’s priorities, appearance, behavior, and expectations are correlated with her family’s economic conditions. That being said, the following traits are common to most Haitian women’s outlook and personality.

The personality of Haitian women

Traditional mindset

Haitian women are not as independent and forward-thinking as western women. Gender equality is only an academic concept, and a girl wants a strong, trustworthy, dependable man who can provide for her while she assumes a homemaker’s role.

High on religion and superstition

That might annoy you, but it comes with the package – Haitian women are a highly superstitious lot, and voodoo is still popular there. Don’t be surprised if they perceive the smallest of things to be a sign from The Universe. They try to decode the freakiest of dreams and your smallest gestures that can be annoying for the uninitiated.

Attracted to foreign men

Haitian women have seen years of oppression and abuse from their patriarchal society. Hence, the slightest hint of love and respect draws them towards foreign men. Even if you are just being nice to a lady, she might see you as a ticket to a better world of equality and respect.

They pamper their men

That is the part that makes tolerating all their tantrums worth it. They treat their man as the most prized possession and stick with him through thick and thin. They respect their man a lot and keep telling him how lucky they are to be with him.

Physical characteristics of Haiti women

Smooth, dusky skin tone

That is typical of the Caribbean islands, and Haiti is no different. Women have a dark skin tone, complemented with an enviable glow that is hard to miss. It goes well with the youthful behavior that makes them look younger and lively.

Curvy, sexy body

Don’t men love this feature in a woman anywhere in the world? Haitian women are blessed with sexy, curvy bodies, and they keep it like that by regular toning. They are not the most glamorous lot but do like to show off their curves when they can.

Plump lips

Haitian women have distinct face-cut and lovely facial features that attract men – especially their plump lips that stand out and make them desirable.

Where Can You Meet Haiti Girls?

beautiful haitian woman

Haiti is a poverty-stricken country with a stressed law and order infrastructure. I stuck to the scenic mountainside capital city of Port-au-Prince and advice you to do the same. It’s best to stay around the Petition-Ville area.


Haiti surely knows how to party, and Port-Au-Prince has many venues that come alive after sunset. Live music, international cuisine, single girls, and buzzing dance floors – you get everything you want.

To meet charming and sexy Haitian singles, check out the following bars and clubs:

  • Jet Set
  • Club International
  • Fubar
  • Brasserie Quartier Latin
  • Les Coin des Artistes

Be subtle in your approach, as not all girls are comfortable with a stranger approaching them out of the blue.

Fubar needs a special mention, as anyone in the Petion-Ville neighborhood will guide you here. It is a hit with local singles and hosts an event most weekdays, in addition to weekend specials like Flashback Fridays.


Port-Au-Prince remains your best bet for meeting girls during the daytime as well. Being a conservative society, single girls are not always comfortable (or allowed) out at night. I extended my game to the day and reaped handsome rewards, mostly because girls feel secure and more likely to respond to strangers.

There are many coffee shops, restaurants, and malls frequented by girls. If you like something more sophisticated, try out Champs de Mars and Village Artistique de Noailles.

Online Dating

If you are not someone to do the rounds of clubs and cafes looking for girls, AmoLatina.com is a popular online dating portal. I assume you do not know Haitian Creole, which is a straight disadvantage compared to the locals.

The good part is you are perceived as rich. Again, the downside is you attract genuine profiles and gold-diggers and those looking for a better life at any cost.

You can filter the grain and chaff by taking your time. Genuine girls are usually OK with taking things slow, given their conservative nature. On the other hand, gold diggers would want to move things fast.

Tips for Dating a Haitian Woman

Learn French/Creole

Haiti is not an English-speaking country. Learning Haitian Creole (a French-based language) is your best bet, but French is a good start. You would be able to get around and make basic, ice-breaking conversation.

Take it slow

Haitian women are not the ones to jump into bed on the first date. They are likely to take their time even before agreeing to a date. If you are looking for quick fun, you stand to be disappointed.

Be simple

Even if you are used to sophistication and grandeur, scale down a notch. Haitian girls usually look for simplicity, honesty, and trustworthiness in a partner.

Make her feel important

When you are with your girl, minimize distractions and give her the attention she deserves. Girls anywhere in the world like a man who is there to hear them out and is interested in her likes and dislikes.

Do not commit early

Many Haitian girls are looking for a way out of the country’s insecure, unjust social fabric. A rich foreigner marrying them and taking them to a better society is a dream that can overpower love and emotions. Give the relationship time to grow to ensure it’s the real deal.

Give them confidence

Haitian women are used to a rough life, working the fields and mills for paltry wages. They do not expect extravagance from a future life partner. If you are financially stable and can offer them security and a better society (a significant lifestyle upgrade!), they would happily accept your proposal and be a loyal partner for life.

Final Thoughts

Haitian girls are not only about voodoo and superstition. They have beautiful personalities and make great life partners! While in the country, stick to the capital areas, beware of the con artists, and you are in for some fun times with the locals!

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