Dating a Puerto Rican Woman: How To Tell if a Puerto Rican Girl Likes You

Puerto Rico happens to be the home of the piña colada, but it is not the only thing that this beautiful Caribbean country has to offer.

They have some of the most breathtaking belles in all of South and Central America! It’s no wonder then that as far as international dating is concerned, Puerto Rican girls are a real prize.

If you are considering dating a Puerto Rican girl, you must understand that you are dealing with a special group of women. These ladies are different from anyone you have ever been with – from the way they look to how they act to what they expect from you.

To make life easier for you, here is a complete guide on meeting and dating Puerto Rican women.

What Are Puerto Rican Girls Like?

Puerto Rican Lady Looking For Love

They Are Very Beautiful

Seeing a Puerto Rican girl for the first time will take your standards of beauty to a whole other level. Whether you meet a leggy blonde with a slim figure or a curvy brunette, these girls are all gorgeous!

Their exotic beauty can be attributed to the contribution of different genetic pools in history, given the island’s strategic location.

To get a better idea of what this country has to offer, here are some of its most famous beauties:

Jennifer Lopez Most Beautiful Puerto Rican Woman
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Roselyn Sanchez
  • Camila Sargadia

These girls are natural beauties, and that is one fact that you cannot fight.

However, a Puerto Rican woman never rests on her gorgeous looks alone and is continually finding new ways to accentuate her beauty, whether it is with the latest fashion trends or her effective skincare routines.

It is visible through their famous fashion bloggers and Instagram models, including:

  • Gaby Espino
  • Zuleyka
  • Lyzette Adonis

They’re Not Afraid To Speak Their Minds

Puerto Ricans embody the infamous Latina trait of being feisty and outspoken. These girls are not scared to let you know what they think and feel about whatever situation you put them in.

It might be a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe try not to get her mad?

Great Home-Makers

Girls in Puerto Rico are raised with pretty traditional values, which, despite the era of female empowerment, have not entirely been eliminated.

You will find most of them very eager to serve you as their boyfriend or if you are lucky, husband. That means everything from cooking to cleaning.

However, do not feel entitled to this as not all of them want to do it. And most of all, do not ask her to give up on her dreams or ambitions to be a stay-at-home wife.

They Are Intelligent – Both Book Smarts And Street Smarts

Puerto Rican women are not just all looks and latest handbags. These girls are smart too!

The country puts a lot of emphasis on female empowerment through education, and it shows.

So you will have a Puerto Rican girl who looks great by your side, knows how to have fun, and can still hold a riveting conversation about science, politics, or whatever else you are interested in.

Great examples of this triple combination of beauty, brains, and power are:

  • Sila Maria Calderon – politician
  • Antonia Novello – Surgeon General
  • Alexandra Lugaro – lawyer and politician

Friendly and warm by nature

sexy puerto rican woman

They have a welcoming, charming personality that can light up a room and comfort those around them. Puerto Rican societies are loving and helpful, which shows in the ladies’ nature.

The next time you have relatives or friends dropping in, your partner’s infectious smile would fill them up with positivity, and they wouldn’t stop singing praises!


They are expressive – not just with words and facial expressions but through their body language as well.

Unless you are a native, it will take some time adjusting to their way of communication, especially associating their hand movements with emotions.

It can also be a great conversation-starter, where you ask a random Puerto Rican girl about a particular gesture and end up in a café together.

Family is everything

They value their families above everything else in the world. As is the case throughout South America, Puerto Rico has closely-bonded families, where 15+ members spanning three or four generations stay together in the ancestral home.

What Do Beautiful Puerto Rican Women Look For In A Man?

puerto rican couple

Physical Attractiveness

Puerto Rican women are gorgeous and care a lot that their partners look good too. Do not worry – no one expects you to be drop-dead gorgeous or to look like you just walked off a runway in Milan.

However, they want to see that you at least put some effort into how you look. So take care of your hair, keep up with fashion trends and maybe hit the gym a few times a week.

Confidence To Boot

It is not enough for her that you look good, you need to be confident too. They are strong, powerful women, and they need to know that you can handle it.

If you are too timid, then she will probably not get or stay interested. So put on your big boy pants and make some moves.

Respect For Women

Puerto Rico girls are also very attracted to men who respect them. One way to show this is by being a real gentleman. Open those doors, pull those chairs, and offer your jacket whenever you think she might need it.

Respect also means allowing her to follow her dreams and be her real self around you.

The Princess treatment

Despite unequal gender roles defined by society, women get royal treatment growing up. They are used to being spoiled by their fathers, brothers, and other male relatives, so they’ll expect the same from you.

Treat her like a princess – plan romantic evenings, get her cute gifts, and pamper her to show your unconditional love!

A Willingness To Let Loose And Live In The Moment

Puerto Rican chicitas love to have a good time, whether it is a random skinny-dipping escapade at sunset or club-hopping and dancing salsa/merengue all night in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.

You will have to get out of your comfort zone and learn to enjoy such moments if you want to get and keep yourself a Puerto Rican beauty.

Potential To Be A Great Father

Women from Puerto Rico are very family-oriented and are always looking for guys who could make great dads in the future.

You can demonstrate this trait by showing love for kids, your desire to provide, and your willingness to be there for your partner and her family.

Puerto Rican Dating Customs And Romance Norms

beautiful puerto rican woman

So, now you know what Puerto Rican ladies are like and what they are looking for. But what is the whole dating scene like down there? What are the Puerto Rican dating customs?

To answer this question here is an overview of expectations and traditions in this country as far as romance and courtship are concerned:

  • Gender roles are not written in stone – what you can do, your Puerto Rican girl can too.
  • But guys generally make the first move.
  • Sex is special and valued, so do not expect too many one-night stands when dating Puerto Rican girls.
  • Infidelity is a no, so you will have to learn to be content with one Puerto Rican girl.
  • The family must be involved in the dating process, especially if you have long-term goals together.

Tips for dating a Puerto Rican Girl

puerto rican

Dress to impress

The women put a lot of effort into their appearance and dressing up nicely as they value presentation. That’s especially true when it comes to going on dates.

In fact, the easiest way how to tell if a Puerto Rican girl likes you is when she’s dressed to the nines for your otherwise casual date!

Dress up like a gentleman and show them you’re a good match. This would also indicate how seriously you take them and how important they are for you. Shaving, showering, and wearing nice clothes on your dates would do the trick.

Be a gentleman

Now that you have drawn her attention by dressing nicely, back it up with gentle behavior. Help her with her coat, pull chairs, open doors, and pay for the romantic evening. They are used to royal treatment, and a gentlemanly behavior would never go unnoticed.

Gifts are good

This is another way of pampering her and making her feel important.

If it is your initial meeting, take a bouquet for her. If you have known her for a while, recall the choices she mentioned during past conversations and get her something she likes.

If you can get her favorite chocolate flavor or wine, it would convey how intently you listen to her.

Be honest

Lying or hiding stuff is not cool at any stage in a relationship, anywhere in the world. Puerto Rican women would be the last ones you want to lie to, as many of them are well-read, intelligent, and good at calling out nonsense!

Do not push for sex

Puerto Ricans have earned a name on the world stage for their beautiful bodies, and it is natural that you are attracted to them. However, they are cleverer than the average Latina laying around on the beach.

Pushing for sex would put them off, and they would be suspect of your intentions. When dating a Puerto Rican, take it slow and let things happen organically.

Final Thoughts on Dating A Puerto Rican Girl

One thing is clear – dating Puerto Rican girls is definitely worth the effort. They are beautiful inside out and are the true embodiment of all that is good in terms of South and Central American culture.

The best part is that North America and Europe have so heavily influenced their dating traditions that it will not be too much of a culture shock starting a relationship with one of these beauties.

So what is stopping you? Now that you know how to attract a Puerto Rican woman, just join AmoLatina, another Caribbean dating app! Or, better yet, book yourself a ticket to the breathtaking island of Puerto Rico and start getting to know some of these amazing women! There you could start using one of the best dating sites in Puerto Rico.

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