Cuban Women: Best Tips for Dating Hot Cuban Girls

Cuban women; You either love them, or you absolutely love them. That is just how it goes. In all of Latin America, these exotic beauties stand out not just because of their looks but with everything else that they bring to the table.

To help put things in perspective below is more on what makes them some of the best Latina beauties in the world to date.

When I went to Cuba in 2019, I spent a lot of time in La Havana, and I found Cuban women very interesting. I want to share with you my secrets to be successful when dating Cuban girls.

Here is what you’ll learn in this article:

  • The characteristic of Cuban women
  • Do Cuban women make good wives
  • How To meet Cuban women
  • The best Cuban dating sites
  • My Secret Tips for Dating Cuban girls

That way, whether you are planning a trip, moving there, or considering Caribbean dating, you will know exactly how to deal with Cuban women.

Characteristics of a Cuban Woman

sexy cuban woman

They Are Truly Unplugged

Cuban girls are unlike many women today because they are not addicted to technology. They have grown up in a country where things as basic as owning a phone were not legal a decade ago. That is awesome as you know that they are not doing anything to try and impress an anonymous online crowd. They will not spend half of that date with their faces glued to the screen.

Women From Cuba Know How To Live In The Moment

Cuban chicas are free spirits and will always be down to have random fun. Whether bar hopping on a weekday or taking a midnight walk through Havana’s streets, these girls will not disappoint.

Cuban Women Are Very Sensual

Cuban Woman

And they are not subtle about it. From how they talk and walk to how they dress and dance, these women, like Dominican women, ooze femininity and sexiness. That is definitely something that will get and keep you hooked.

It Takes More Than Being A Foreigner To Impress Them

For most beautiful Cuban women, being a foreigner does not mean you do not have to work hard for them. In fact, with some, it may mean that you have to try more to get them interested. The good thing is that if one woman likes you back, you know it is genuine.

They Are Very Confident And Expressive

It is no surprise, given that they hail from a country known worldwide for having a powerful revolutionary spirit. If Cuban women want or believe in something, they will not hold back. The best you can hope for is that it is you she is that passionate about.

They Are Very Artistic

Look at the likes of actress Eva Mendez and singer-songwriter Christina Milian. These are just a few examples of the many international acts that this country has produced. In addition to performance art, fashion, drawing, and painting are popular among women.

Eva Mendes

What Do Cuban Women Look Like?

Sexy Cuban women come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. You have the stereotypical Latinas with dark features and tanned skin like Soledad O’Brien. Then there are the fairer ones sigh blond locks and light skin like Majandra Delfino.

Do Cuban Women Make Good Wives?

There is a lot more to explore about Cuban women than looks. Before you get carried away by their physical appeal and decide to marry, read on to know if they make good wives and what to expect after marriage.

Cuban Wives Are Excellent Homemakers

Both of you will likely move to your country after marriage. Your wife is unlikely to work there. However, she will happily take up full responsibility for the household chores. She will be a nurturing mother to your children, and you will have a beautiful, clean, organized place to return to after work. They are conditioned to look after the family and prioritize it over themselves. If you ever wanted a homemaker who would take care of all the traditional female roles, a Cuban girl is the one for you!

Cuban Women Are Passionate

Cuban women do not lose their sex appeal after marriage. They will be full of energy and would expect the same from you. There will never be a dull moment in the bedroom, which may be one of the reasons behind the low divorce rate. They like to look after themselves even after marriage, and you’ll need to keep up.

Cuban Women Love Children

Their passion doesn’t end with the physical side of the relationship. Cuban women are warm and nurturing by nature. Taking care of those around them is a part of their personality. They would go out of their way to look after their children and give them the best upbringing.

They also expect the grandparents to spend time with the children. Assuming you both move to a Western country (far away from her parents), do not be surprised if your wife expects your parents to drop in more often than they usually do and help raise the children.

How To Meet Cuban Women

Meet Cuban women in La Havana

Stick to Old Havana and Malecon areas for the best night-outs. There are plenty of bars and nightclubs for hanging out and meeting singles. Local singles are partying all week long, setting the perfect stage for picking girls up.

Here are some of the must-visit places where you’ll find the hottest singles willing to mingle:

If you want to date locals, you may check out the lesser explored Vedado.

Meet Cuban Women in Santiago de Cuban

It is another happening town that attracts tourists and locals alike. Parque Cespedes is the singles hotpot, home to some of the city’s top bars and nightclubs. Finding accommodation in Plaza Dolores is also a good option if quick hookups are on your mind.

Some of the most vibrant night spots of the city are:

  • St Pauli
  • Casa de la Trova
  • Club 300
  • Bar Sindo Garay
  • Casa de las Tradiciones

Online Dating In Cuba


amolatina girl in cuba

AmoLatina is one of the most popular dating portals on the global stage. Its focus on the South American continent makes it an automatic choice for young singles. Ease of registration, a young membership pool, plenty of free features, and a great matching algorithm set it apart from the competition.

The registration process is quick and can be completed in minutes. If you want to get through fast, you can also use your Google account and look for matching profiles from its large user base of more than 2 million. I recommend investing some time in filling up your details, as it is a key input for the algorithm to work its magic.

I had a lot of success here and would recommend going for the paid membership, as the algorithm returns better profiles (in terms of quality and number) to paid members.

caribbean cupid review

Owned by the international giant Cupid Media group, CaribbeanCupid has a refined user experience. It is geared towards singles seeking Caribbean partners. Once you fill up a very short form and register, you’ll have access to communication tools, search filters, and much more.

CaribbeanCupid is a website for users seeking an organic, stable relationship. It has a relatively small user base of about 200,000. However, more than 55,000 are active monthly, which is an above-average engagement rate. Although it allows anyone over 18 to register, most users belong to the 35-44 age bracket.

Technologically advanced tools such as translation services, regional search, exceptional customer support, etc., stand out. The mobile app is another great addition in recent times, though it is available only for Android.

latin american cupid review

True to its name, LatinAmericanCupid is designed for Latino and Latina’s singles seeking partners from around the world. Its user base of nearly 400,000 is skewed towards females, with 25-34 being the most common age bracket.

As members are open to international dating, most of them can speak conversational English, which is a big attraction for westerners. The fraud prevention team takes special care in ensuring the genuineness of profiles and keeping the site clean. Each uploaded photo is verified within 12 hours, and there is a verified badge for profiles authenticated through government-issued ID.

Although the site is free to join and test out, I recommend trying out the paid features if you plan to be in Cuba for a few weeks. Starting at $11.25 a week, it is worth the money you pay, especially for those seeking long-term companionship. The Cupid Passport feature opens up other Cupid Media sites for you, which is a pleasant bonus.

My Tips for Dating a Cuban Girl

cute cuban girl

Cuba is a lot different from the western world when it comes to the dating scene. If you are serious about dating Cuban ladies, combining universal dating tips with the local perspective is best.

Keep these tips in mind while pursuing your Cuban heart-stealer!

She May Take the Lead

Cuban girls are attracted to westerners and do not want to waste time beating around the bush. It is common for them to take the lead in a relationship and take it to the next level. If it happens, play it cool, and do not judge your girl for it.

Don’t Be Shy

Cuban brides are expressive and want to live life to the fullest. They may bypass the sophistication and open up with you relatively quickly. If you are into her, it is the time to seize the moment and show her your game. You must overcome your shyness to keep her interested if you are shy by nature.

Compliment Her

Girls spend a lot of time getting ready for dates. You can make your date happy by noticing their effort and complimenting them. That breaks the ice, lightens the mood, and sets the tone for a romantic evening and possible future dates.

Be Honest

Any serious relationship needs a solid foundation. It is better to be honest about yourself from the first date. It will establish trust and set the tone. Do not try to win her through extravagance, as she is more interested in knowing you as a person and having a good time.

Chivalry Always Pays

Girls like to be taken care of by their partners. If you can, pick up your girl, open the doors for her, pull the chair, and drop her back home. A small gift (bouquet, chocolate, wine, flowers) never goes unnoticed. Get the check, even though you may be used to splitting it in the western world.

Final Thoughts on Dating Cuban Women

meet cuban women at night

Cuba’s romantic climate and serene beaches are best enjoyed in the company of hot Cuban girls. If you play your cards right and keep our advice handy, your Cuba visit might give you the experience of a lifetime. And who knows, you may find the lady of your dreams by the time your trip ends!

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