18 Hispanic Dating Rules To Consider When Dating Latin Singles

Hispanic dating features high on the bucket list of many people interested in international dating. It’s different, charming, and can be a lot of fun if you play your cards right. 

You should know a few things about the cultural differences and nuances to ace the dating game, though. 

So, read on to get familiar with Hispanic dating rules covering all the tips you need to elevate your dating game in Latin America.

Always look your best

Latin people have two looks:

  • full casual for chilling at home an
  • dressed to impress whenever they go out

There is no in-between, and if you want to make things work with your Latino lover, you have to get with the program.

Make sure to put effort into your grooming, makeup, and clothes (including high heels), especially if you are going out on a date. Whether it is a walk on the beach or club-hopping with their crew, looking your best will earn you plenty of points.

Don’t worry though, it isn’t a full-time job. You can wear all the sweatpants and baggy shorts you want when hanging out together indoors.

Respect the Family

Families are at the top of the priority list in Latin American countries. This unique aspect of collectivism differentiates them from the western world and influences dating. You would be seeing your partner’s family a lot so respecting them is a non-negotiable parameter in the Hispanic culture.

Embrace Them As Your Own

Latin men, love with all they have, including their family. So once you get yourself a South American beau and you guys work out, you will not only be gaining a lover but also a new family.

Latino families tend to be very close-knit and are often all in each other’s business, so this is just a part of the package you have to accept. Fortunately, both the Latino partners and their families will make it very easy for you to embrace them as your second family.

They take southern hospitality to a whole new level and will make you feel loved and welcome. Make sure to reciprocate this, and your relationship will run a lot smoother.

Respect Their Culture, Traditions, and Religion

Your partner might not be inclined towards religion and the Latino culture, but their family would often be. Factor this in when you are invited to family functions and other celebratory gatherings. 

It is a good idea to know about your partner’s take on faith and religion, as it will help you build compatibility. While it is fine to ask questions, be respectful while you’re at it.

In addition to their religious background, you have to be ready to accept and, to some extent, adopt their culture. If you have an open mind, you have a lot to learn and experience, from new cuisines to exciting family traditions.

It also shows your partner that you are invested in them and everything they care about.

Remember That Spanish People Have Traditional Values

Despite all the stereotypes about Spanish-speaking Americans being massive party animals and sexually adventurous, the reality is that the majority hold traditional values very close.

You will notice that mainly in their dating culture. Latino men are traditionally strong, confident, respectful, and very romantic. Surprisingly, the women are also expected to be strong and confident while maintaining their virtue.

Another set of values and dating norms you have to anticipate and play along with are those surrounding commitment and fidelity. While most South American cultures value loyalty and faithfulness, a little flirting here and there may be considered absolutely normal.

Get Used To Hispanic Time

Latin societies are laid back, and meeting times are more of a general idea than a strict appointment. For example, one of the first rules of the Hispanic dating culture you’ll learn is that an hour’s delay is widely accepted!

If you are fussy about time, you’ll need some deep breaths and tell your partner to be ready by 8 PM if you plan to go out by 9. 

On the other hand, if you are invited to your significant other’s place, you would surprise everyone by being there on time unless you want to help them with the preparations. So get there an hour after the time you were invited for.

Brace Up For Spontaneity

Peru Woman

If you like to plan everything, another one of the unwritten Hispanic dating rules will take some getting used to:

Plans change, and they change fast. For example, a casually planned evening in the nearby bar might end up at a beachside carnival!

When you are planning a date, factor in the possible variations in time and place – it will be a fun, exciting time if you let yourself loose.

There’s Always Food

Hispanic people, especially women, are a friendly, caring lot. Their nurturing persona and affection for near and dear ones often manifest through food. There is always plenty of it at home! There will be plenty of Spanish delicacies to stimulate your taste buds whenever you are around them. 

Things are changing, though, and the Hispanics in the United States or other countries might not be the best cooks. They would still love food, even though it is from restaurants and take-outs.

Prepare For Many Social Gatherings

Dating a Latina woman or man means being invited to many social and cultural gatherings. There would be many generations of your partner’s family and a large group of friends and relatives. 

You do not want to be the odd one out in that environment – it will be easy to notice and may be misinterpreted for hostility!

Blend into the group, interact with people, and try to learn more about the culture. It is impolite to refuse food and drinks, so accept a small portion as a respectful gesture, even if you do not want it.

There’s Always Time for Soccer

Soccer, or football as it is called there, is a huge part of South American culture. So whether you are dating a Latino guy or babe, the chances are that they will be incredibly passionate about the game.

If you want to get along with your Latino partner, you have to respect their love for the game, at the very least. Let them have their time to watch the game in peace, cheer their team on, and show interest in the game and their favorite teams.

Most importantly, avoid giving ultimatums related to soccer. If you ask your partner to choose between spending his free time on Sunday afternoon with you or watching the game, the chances are that you will have a very grumpy Sunday afternoon alone.

Your Partner Will Want to Show You Off

When you finally get a Latino single to commit to you, you will have a very hard time keeping them quiet about it. They will want to show you off to everyone, from their closest buddies and family members to the bartender at their favorite spot.

You can expect to be invited to many social gatherings, including weddings, family get-togethers, and even friend game nights where you can be introduced as their partner.

The showing off could also be non-verbal, in which case PDA is the way your Latino partner will communicate to the rest of the world that you are theirs and they love you passionately.

Handle Hotness With Care

If you are dating a Latina cougar (for example a Mexican woman or a Puerto Rican girl), you have to get used to attracting attention wherever she goes. Her friends would be all around her, hugging and kissing her. They work a lot on appearance and like getting complimented for it. You should get used to playing second fiddle and not taking this to heart.

Spanish People Are Very Playful and Flirty

There is a Spanish term “coqueta” that if you stay in Latin America long enough, you will undoubtedly hear mentioned at least once.

It is a word used to describe Latin Americans’ laid-back, playful, and flirty nature. While they do know how to be serious when the situation calls for it, they are typically very easy-going.

Their personality undeniably makes it easy to date a Latino person, especially if you are painfully shy or introverted. It also makes it easy to get along with their friends and family.

However, the coqueta nature is a double-edged sword as you have to deal with your partner’s flirting. In this case, the most important thing to do is communicate your insecurities and set boundaries to avoid misunderstandings.

Be Slow But Steady

No matter how many TV series portray Spanish women as bikini-clad, sex-hungry beings, the reality is different. 

Just like in any other dating culture, take things slowly during initial meetings. Holding hands and kissing are pretty much accepted while you are still getting to know each other. However, do not try to get her into bed at the first available opportunity. 

Win her trust, let things build organically, and you will be fine.

Dropping The Girl Home Means A Lot

In the Hispanic dating culture, dropping the girl home is viewed as a special gesture. If you are dating a Latina and drop her home, it would mean the world to her and show her how much you care. 

If you are a European or American woman dating a Hispanic guy, do not take this gesture casually as you perhaps would in your own country. It is a strong indication of how much your date likes you and would go to lengths to protect you. Here are more things that Latino guys find attractive.

Dinner Is Late

Meeting people in the neighborhood during the evenings is standard in Hispanic societies. In other words, it means people often return home at seven or even eight, given their laid-back nature.

Thus, dinner time is anywhere between 8 PM and 10 PM, which is quite late for the English culture. And a Latino family party lasts into the early hours of the morning.

And it does not stop there! Expect to be up until midnight (or even past it) texting your partner, describing your day, or exchanging those sweet nothings.

Sleeping Through Noise Would Be Handy

Hispanic households have a habit of starting their day early. It means waking up at 6 AM or even earlier. If you are a morning person, this should not affect your schedule, but if you sleep late, we recommend getting used to sleeping through the noise that will be there in the house after 6 AM!

Learn Spanish

You do not need to master it, but learning basic greetings and speaking Spanish even a little bit would show that you are interested in the language and are trying to pick it up. There’s nothing like someone living a world apart talking to you in your language, even if it is a basic “como estas?” (how are you)!

Final Words

These tips for dating Hispanic men and women should help you succeed in South America’s dating game. But, on top of all of that, remember to stay true to yourself, speak Spanish, be kind, and stay safe.

Happy dating!

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