What Not to Compromise in a Relationship – 13 Times You Need to Stand Your Ground

Everywhere you turn these days, there is a mainstream media article, or blog post, or even a YouTube video on how to make your relationship stronger.

You’re reading such a post right now!

One thing most of them have in common is that they keep emphasizing the importance of healthy compromise and sacrifice in relationships.

They are not entirely wrong about this as to make a relationship work, you might have to give up on a few things to respect your partner’s opinion and make them feel comfortable.

However, this does not mean that you indiscriminately give up all that makes you happy and makes you the individual you are for someone else.

So, where do you draw the line? Here are thirteen instances.

Thirteen Things You Should Never Compromise On In a Relationship

dont compromise things in relationship

#1 Your healthy friendships

Healthy friendships are one of the biggest bones of contention in relationships. For some reason or another, your partner may not like your friends.

Sometimes, this could be a legitimate concern, especially if your friends are not genuine or not a good influence.

However, if your partner is constantly critical about a perfectly healthy and supportive friendship, then that is a warning sign that you should heed.

#2 Your family

Whoever said blood is thicker than water knew what they were talking about.

Your family members are probably the only people in your life that can make promises and then deliver on those promises forever.

So if your romantic relationship threatens these powerful bonds, then there is a lot to worry about and perhaps you should cut ties with them.

#3 Your future and dreams

You should never compromise and give up on your dreams or career aspirations for anyone. Not even for your prince/princess charming soulmate!

There are, of course, a few exceptions where you may decide to put your aspirations on hold for stability.

Taking a break is fine. However, if your discussions about this do not include specific timelines on when you get to go back to chasing your dreams, then you need to be ready to fight for what’s yours.

#4 Your faith or lack thereof

Faith is one of those things that could either make or break your relationship. It also happens to be one of the few traits or values where both partners should be on the same page if things are to work out.

If you and your partner aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on these beliefs, then there will be trouble down the line. If you feel bad and pressured to compromise your stance, then the chances are that you will end up feeling resentful, which is always toxic.

So, find out early enough where your partner stands, then take your position and stick to it.

#5 Your feelings about exclusivity

Exclusivity is another one you both need to agree on.

Maybe your partner wants to be in an open relationship, and you are not into the idea? Or maybe it is the other way around. If either of you has to compromise, then the chances are that someone will end up getting hurt.

So if you find yourselves not agreeing, you might want to consider ending things before it is too late.

#6 Your self-worth and self-love

Having healthy self-esteem is something of great value in an age where societal ideals of beauty and perfection constantly bombard us.

It’s certainly a treasure that you should guard at all costs! The right person would never try to take this away from you.

If any relationship threatens this security and sense of self-worth that you have built for yourself, then it is not worth it.

#7 Your alone time

Being a couple does not mean that you lose your right to develop as an individual. That is where the value of time alone comes in.

It doesn’t mean that you are pushing your partner away or avoiding spending time with them. It just means that you don’t want to spend all your time with that one person and are just focusing on personal growth.

After all, the happier and more fulfilled you are, the better partner you can be for your significant other.

#8 Your deal breakers and non-negotiable traits

If you have something on your major no-no list, then you should never compromise on it. It could be a pet peeve, a major deal-breaker, or even a non-negotiable trait that your ideal partner must have.

If you are about to get into a relationship, you should never compromise on these. It doesn’t matter how good the rest of their personality is. When the warm fuzzy feelings wear out, you will be left dealing with all those certain things you truly cannot stand.

#9 Your culture and traditions

Your culture is so much more than those weird traditions you and your family follow. It is who you are and may have played a huge role in shaping your habits, perspectives, and you as a human being.

And your roots are something you should never have to give up on!

If your partner pressures you to ditch them, then that is a big old red flag. Instead, if you have different backgrounds, you should learn from each other and merge traditions.

#10 Your Core Beliefs, values, and principles

This includes political, religious, social, and even financial values. A person who truly loves you will accept all of these and actually love you for them. Compromising on these principles will only reduce you to a fake version of yourself.

And when you get comfortable, you will realize you weren’t ok with the changes in the first place. So, spare yourself the regret down the line and just stick to your guns.

#11 Big life decisions and Life Goals

We all have a plan for our lives. What you want to do for work and professional goals, where you want to live, if and when you want to get married, and so on. All these are valid expectations that you definitely should not compromise on when in a healthy relationship.

This is because unlike a choice of rug or what movie to watch, they are huge decisions that determine the course of the rest of your life.

So, if it is something that matters a lot to you, you might just have to cut your losses and find someone with whom you are on the same page.

#12 Your health (both physical and mental)

We may not realize it, but relationships actually play a huge role in our health and overall well-being.

No, this does not mean that your partner will love the period pains away or cuddle the flu out of your system. However, toxic relationships, in particular, take a noticeable negative toll on both our mental and physical health.

It is important that you are not only aware of this potential effect but that you are also ready to leave when things get out of hand. Your health is way too big of a deal to waste on someone who doesn’t care as much as they should.

#13 Your passions and hobbies

Your hobbies and what you consider fun are a part of what defines you as an individual, so you shouldn’t be so fast to compromise on them for your partner.

Especially if they are practices that do not hurt you or anyone else and just make you happy. If you are a gym addict, then keep working out. If you love to go out, then the occasional night out should not hurt!

Bottom line

Making healthy compromises in a relationship is important, but so is remembering that you are still an individual with your own needs and interests. And if you’re in a long-distance relationship with someone, these things become even more important.

It is also crucial to understand that making other people happy at your own expense will only lead to an unhealthy relationship.

These thirteen things are something you should never compromise on. Guard your beliefs at all costs, even if it means losing the relationship. It sure beats losing your authentic self.

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