AmoLatina Credits and The Cost System

The AmoLatina website brings its members lots of user-friendly communication features that help form and develop relationships with potential matches.

You can use the Live Chat, Video Call, and Email features to get to know other members. Besides the excellent communication options, others such as viewing/sending photos and videos, and even sending real presents to a member’s doorstep are also available.

Below is an overview of the different features and services the site offers, including an introduction to AmoLatina’s credit system and an overview of the mobile app.

Explaining the Amolatina Credit System

Although signing up to, creating a profile, browsing profiles of other members, and reading the first email from each new acquaintance is free, the platform operates on a pay-per-action model.

The model is based on credits and you need a membership to use Premium services. Each service has its own fee. For example:

  • 1 minute of Live Chat – 1 credit
  • 1 minute of Two-Way Video Chat – 6 credits
  • 1 email – 10 credits
  • 1 sticker – 5 credits

The Cost of AmoLatina Credits:

  • 1000    $399.00 or .40 each
  • 500      $249.00 or .50 each
  • 320      $185.00 or .58 each
  • 160      $96.00 or .60 each
  • 80        $56.00 or .70 each
  • 40        $30.00 or .75 each
  • 20        $15.99 or .80 each

It’s definitely worth becoming a member though as members enjoy up to a 50% reduction in credit fees.

AmoLatina’s Communication & Free Credits Options

Install The Amolatina Live Dating App

Live Chat

Those who wish to get real-time replies from members who are online can use the AmoLatina chat feature. To get started, click on the “Chat Now” button on a member’s profile.

As a monthly-paying member, you get 10 FREE chats for 3 minutes per chat each time your membership is renewed.

When the 10 Amolatina FREE credits have been used up, the cost for the AmoLatina chat service is one credit per minute.

One-Way Video

One-Way Video allows one person to see the other’s video during a chat session. The service only works, like the name says, one way.

To start a video chat, visit a member’s profile and then click on “Share My Video.” Each minute will cost four credits.

Two-Way Video

The Two-Way Video feature is similar to the one-way video option, but the main difference is that it allows both people who are chatting to view each other via webcam.

Members will be able to chat, send and receive messages in real-time while seeing each other on video. The cost of this feature is six credits per minute.

Offline Chat

Members are still able to receive messages whenever they are offline with the Offline Chat feature. You can see if a member is online or not on their profile – their status will be displayed.

Even if they are offline, you can still send them messages. They can read your message will as soon as they come online.

As part of the monthly membership, 10 FREE offline chats of up to three chat messages with 160 characters are available.

Read/Send Email

The features of this service are very similar to functions on other emailing platforms. Use the AmoLatina search function to browse through profiles. Then, simply visit the profile of the member you are interested in and click on “Send Email.”

On the email inbox, a new AmoLatina sub-feature that users might find enjoyable is the interchangeable background. You can customize the background your email will have. You’ll find the selection just below the “Send Email” button.

Send/View Photo or Video

Members can send or view photos or videos while chatting with another member. On the chatbox, you will see an option labeled “Photo/Video” together with a camera icon.

This feature is also available when you send an email. Through email, the photo or video will be sent as an attachment.

It costs fifteen credits for each photo or video you send.

Send Stickers, Smiles, Premium Smiles

You can send stickers, smiles, and premium smiles through the AmoLatina chat or email boxes. Just click on the “Smiles” option that’s right next to the smiley icon.

The number of smiles and stickers you can choose from vary, depending on the feature you’re using.

On the email feature, for example, you will only have a choice of 12 smiles to send. However, on the chat feature, you have more options like stickers and premium smiles.

The standard smiles are FREE, but the premium smiles cost one credit each while the stickers are around five credits each.

Sending stickers, smiles and premium smiles is a means to liven up your chats or emails, conveying your message in a new and expressive way.

Other Popular Services

Let’s Mingle

Let’s Mingle is similar to the AmoLatina chat service, but it saves you time by allowing you to send a message to a group of people at the same time.

First, you need to choose your preferences. You can specify the age range and whether you are looking to meet a man or a woman.

Then, you’ll need to create a personalized message and the website will send it automatically to all potential matches that fit your criteria.

The Let’s Mingle function is available for use after you’ve upgraded your account from the free membership. You can find this service at the top part of your screen when you open the Menu button.

Premium members can use Let’s Mingle for FREE once every 24-hours.

Flowers and Presents

What is AmoLatina’s “Send a Present” feature? Well, it gives members the chance to gift real items to online dates.

On a member’s profile, you will see a “Choose Presents” option. Clicking on this will open a box window containing different gift items as well as their costs.

You can compose a letter that will be delivered together with the gift. Delivery usually takes five days.

View Member Video on Profile Page

All members can post videos on their profiles. Videos are a great way to introduce yourself or introduce some part of your life to potential matches.

For other members to view these, ten credits will be deducted from their account. So check out the profiles of beautiful Latinas and start dating Brazilian girls or sexy Colombian women.

The AmoLatina Latin Dating App

AmoLatina Mobile Dating App

The app is available on the Google’s Play Store.

In a nutshell, the features on the AmoLatina dating app are similar to the features on the site. Users can chat, video chat, send/read emails, send stickers and smiles, and more.

The AmoLatina app, however, makes the entire process more convenient and mobile, giving members handy access wherever they are, as long as they have a connection to the internet.

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