What you Need to Know About Dating a Colombian Man

Hot Colombian Man

The attractive persona and unmistakable charm of Colombian men are no secret. It’s natural for ladies to get drawn to their mysterious eyes, thick hair, and great looks. If you have a Columbian man within your sights and are looking for ways to seduce him, this guide is for you.

Dating is a very delicate game, and there is no universal rule to win it. It gets more diverse in Colombia, given the different interests and upbringing of men – from football to athletics to self-grooming and being an outright hippie!

So, What are Colombian Men Like?

There’s more to know about these guys than looks when you are in for dating a Colombian.

Here is what to expect when dating a colombian man:


Colombian men have an element of enigma about them, which adds to the thrill and draws the ladies. Compared to men from other parts of the world, there is not a lot of genuine material documented about these guys, keeping them mind-puzzling mysteries.

Athletic sport fanatics

Good looks aside, they have kept up with the recent trend of working out their way to a muscular body. They generally like sports, with soccer topping the popularity charts by a fair distance. A tattoo is not uncommon either, which is an icing on the cake for girls looking for drool-worthy men.

Romantic and passionate

There is a lot to like about Colombian guys apart from killer looks. They are romantics, and once their eyes are set, they would go to any lengths to pursue their lady. They are passionate lovers and take to dancing naturally, making them excellent partners.


Columbian men are up to date with the latest fashion trends, and many of them pay extra attention to their looks. They have style and like to take off their shirt at the first available chance – be it on a beach or over social media. We know the women aren’t complaining, though!

A few downsides of dating Colombians

Just like all good things, dating a Colombian man comes with some inherent shortcomings. Unlike other countries, Columbian guys are yet to master punctuality. Even worse, don’t be surprised if your date does not turn up at all! That’s what we call the Latin Standard Time, and it goes also for the Colombian girls!

Monogamy is not their strongest point either. Therefore, do not consider them exclusive to yourself, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship.

Reasons to Date Colombian Guys

Date Colombian Man

 Looks are a good starting point but not reason enough to date a Colombian man. There is so much about them that would want a girl to get into dating a Colombian guy. Here are a couple of reasons for dating Colombian men. 

  • They are thorough gentlemen – For all the time you are together, they would do the most chivalrous things that would sweep you off your feet. Be it opening doors, pulling chairs, or protecting you, a Colombian man would do all this and much more and make you feel extra special.
  • They’ll proudly show you off – Once you start dating a Colombian guy, he will very happily show you off to his group of friends. They are never shy of your company and would even introduce you to their family in no time.
  • They’re an adventurous lot – Colombia has plenty to offer in terms of adventure, and if you are a foreigner, your Colombian date will happily show you around the country. You’re always safe in his company and get to experience some of the most breathtaking sceneries.
  • Surprise dates – A Colombian man is good at planning dates and will take you to unseen places. On the other hand, he is good at giving surprises as well. One moment, he will ask you out for what’ll seem like a casual evening, and the next thing you know, you’re headed to the airport, waiting to board a plane to a surprise destination!
  • Extended social circle – Colombians are very close to their family and have a big friends’ circle. A Columbian guy doesn’t take long to introduce you to his family and friends and invite you over for different celebrations. 

Tips to Date a Colombian Guy

Find Your Latino Soulmate

A Columbian man is passionate and confident. However, there are a lot of cultural nuances that you need to understand to ensure your dates are fun. He will not pass up an opportunity to flirt, and you are guaranteed a great time if you follow these tips on your dates:

  • Don’t expect punctuality – Colombian men can be casual, especially during the initial phase. Turning up on time does not top their list, so do not hold high expectations.
  • Play hard to get – Let your guy come after you and take charge by being at your seductive best while keeping him at arm’s length.
  • Try different styles – Guys from Colombia are used to seeing gorgeous women of different ethnicities and styles. Unlike in Europe or America, there is no set rule about dressing up for dates, and it is OK to try out an entirely different makeover to grab his attention.
  • Expect the unexpected – Gear up to face exciting, adventurous times ahead as you never know how your date plans to surprise you. He might have planned a casual beachside dance party to paragliding over the hills and everything in between.
  • Family first – Columbians are raised traditionally and value their family a lot. Frequent visits or even staying at family homes with many members is typical. Do not jostle for attention and interfere with his family time.
  • Take it easy – Colombian men do not take life too seriously. They don’t plan for years in advance. They generally have a casual attitude towards life, and the same goes for dating. Make sure you enjoy your time together and not ruin it by worrying about the future.

Summing it up

Dating Colombian guys can be real fun, provided you know the rules of the game. It is all about being in the moment and going with the flow. It’ll be full of pleasant surprises and a real roller-coaster adventure. The guaranteed takeaways are an extended social circle, enhanced Spanish skills, and quite a few adventurous evenings.

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