AmoLatina Recommends: Here’s What NOT to Say to Your Online Date

AmoLatina Recommends - What Not to Say When Dating Online

Often, we get excited when we finally find a person online who is equally interested in us as we are of them. However, commonly, our excitement turns into anxiety because we don’t want to “mess everything up” by saying the wrong things. So, how do you prevent this from happening? How do you stop yourself from spewing out awkward replies that could potentially turn your online date off?

AmoLatina’s Recommendations: It’s Best That You Stop Yourself from Saying the Following

Whenever you’re chatting with your online date on AmoLatina, it’s best to keep it natural. Don’t force topics into your conversation to keep it going. Everything should feel natural, including what you’re chatting about. On top of this, you should also avoid saying the following:

1. Detailed Personal Information

Avoid giving out very detailed information about yourself. This one has more to do with your safety since there are individuals out there that use dating platforms as a way to scam people. You may feel like you’re sharing your personal details to get close to someone you just met but think again. Of course, this isn’t to say that you should put up a wall. On the contrary, you have to be open when you’re online dating. You just need to be more careful and aware.

2. Double Innuendos

To a certain extent, online dating allows us to be anonymous. Since you cannot see the person face to face, it’s easy to feel like you can play pranks or even say something crass without any consequences. For example, you might be tempted to say something overly sexual without being direct – a double innuendo. Let’s be clear that doing this will amuse you, but it will not get you a serious online date.

3. Your Life Story

It’s ironic to think about not telling your life story because the whole point is for the other person to know you better and vice versa. Well, you can cut your life story into bite-sized pieces then share it with your date when you meet in person. But, you should think twice about doing this through chat because you don’t want to over-share. Keep it light, positive, and playful when you’re chatting. Also, you need to keep in mind that it’s not just about you. Be sure that you’re date gets to share a few things about him or her too.

4. Cultural Insensitivity

When you’re on, you will encounter plenty of online daters who are of Latin-American descent. You have to be careful not to say anything that’s insulting about a culture that you know very little about. Today, being culturally aware and respectful is paramount.

You don’t have to feel like you’re tip-toeing on eggshells whenever you’re chatting with your online date. That is why it’s essential that you practice awareness of your words, and that you understand the topics and specific messages you need to avoid sending.

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