AmoLatina’s Safety Reminders

AmoLatina Scam Prevention Tips

Online dating is no longer a practice that most are scared to try. It has become a part of the norm and a new way to meet people, whether it be for friendships or romantic partnerships.

Today, it has evolved into something more than just a means for two people from different parts of the world to connect. It has brought a convenient platform for two people living in the same city to link up and grab coffee anytime they please.

According to a recent survey, 19% of brides in 2017 met their significant other through online dating sites and social media. Another study reveals that couples who met online are more likely to be more compatible. It also suggests that marriages that start online are stronger and last longer than relationships that start offline.

The news is exciting to those who are interested in signing up to any dating website. However, before jumping into the scene, it’s best to know one important detail:

You shouldn’t put all of your efforts into just finding love online. Part of that effort you should use to protect yourself.

Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s just a fact that we cannot deny. There are people out there who prey on unsuspecting individuals, mostly, for money. As bad as this may sound, you shouldn’t have to worry. Protecting yourself while you date online is not as hard as most people think.

You can start with these scam reminders by

AmoLatina Scam Alert: How Scammers Operate

Before we go into AmoLatina’s scam prevention tips to date securely, it’s important to learn about how scammers trick people online. Basically, there are two main goals that scammers focus on:

  1. Get as much personal information from you as possible – Most likely, getting all your personal information means that a scammer is going to use it to commit identity theft. Gathering someone else’s personal information for disagreeable purposes is called Phishing.
  2. Get you to send money – Scammers who aim to get money from you will likely take on the identity of someone who is very attractive. The deceiver will make you fall in love over a short period. When he or she has finally gotten your trust, the scammer is going to ask you to send him or her gifts, money, or both.

There are different means by which scammers get information and money from you, but the goals remain the same. If you always remember the following AmoLatina scam alerts, you’ll understand how any scam operates.

AmoLatina’s Scam Prevention Tips

When interacting with new people online, it’s important to maintain your awareness. You can let your guard down when the time is right, but it’s important always to be conscious of what the other person is saying and how the other person is acting.

To protect yourself while still aiming for the best online dating experience, consider the following scam prevention tips:

1. Never send money to online dates.

This is perhaps the most basic online dating safety tip – never send money to anyone you met online. It’s just common sense. No matter how close you may feel to the person you’re talking to online, it’s essential that you look past your feelings.

2. Protect all your personal information

Never give out your personal information. You should always find it strange if your online date suddenly asks for your full name and address, even if he or she disguises the whole stint by saying, “I want to send you something.”

To protect your personal information, remember to:

  • Use unique photos – it’s easy to search an image on Google. You don’t want your social media or office accounts to pop up when someone performs the search.
  • Do not store your password online.
  • When you receive an email with a link, don’t click on the link before you’re sure it’s safe to do so.

3. Keep communications internal

This is a scam prevention tip to remember! Top dating sites have around-the-clock security team or program that patrols all the activities on the site. AmoLatina, for example, has this security measure implemented.

Diverting to external means of communicating is alright as long as you’re sure that you can trust the person 100%. When in doubt, it’s best to keep all forms of communication internal for extra protection.

4. Consider it a red flag when your online date is always making excuses, not to video chat with you

Schedule a video chat as soon as you can because it’s the best possible way to confirm that the person you’re talking to is the person you see in the photos on the dating profile. Reasonably, your online date may cancel once or twice from a video chat appointment, but it’s highly suspicious if he or she cancels every time.

5. Don’t believe it if your online date says “I love you” too quickly

The entire reason why your online date might be professing his or her feelings too quickly is to catch your attention. It’s to get you hooked on the premise that you are already in a relationship, and, therefore should bestow undying trust to the union. Falling in love feels wonderful, but it does make our rational thinking a bit blurry.

6. Watch out for inconsistencies

Scammers usually cannot keep up with the lie that they are telling. One day he or she might live in this country, and other days the scammer might slip saying that he or she lives elsewhere.

How AmoLatina Complaints Get Resolved

Naturally, any dating website receives its share of scam reports. To resolve the AmoLatina complaints received, the company has put in place several security procedures to keep their members safe and satisfied:

  • AmoLatina ensures that every lady’s identity is verified. The relationship status (single), as well as the age of the ladies, are double checked before the profile is published live.
  • Profile and site activity monitoring happens routinely.
  • Strict anti-scam policies are put in place for members to refer to.

Any suspicious activity needs to be reported immediately. The AmoLatina team will, then, investigate the matter and take appropriate actions:

  • Deleting the profile and banning the member in question.
  • Reimbursing credits lost from the fraudulent act.

For you to continue to date online without worrying about getting scammed, it’s important to take these AmoLatina scam tips to heart. But don’t worry, when you are on or AmoLatina’s Facebook page, you and your information are kept safe at all times.