Puerto Rican Men: Top Tips for Dating a Puerto Rican Man

There’s something beautiful about Puerto Rican men. Perhaps it’s their rugged good looks or fun and affable outlook on life?

Whatever has captured your attention, we introduce you to top tips on how to date a Puerto Rican guy in this article.

We’ve put together this comprehensive guide based upon real-life dating experiences and our intricate knowledge of what makes Puerto Rican men tick! You will get to the end and be incredibly excited about your dating prospects.

Located in the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico is heavily influenced by Spanish culture and everything that comes with it. In this article, you will learn:

  • What are Puerto Rican men like?
  • Where to meet Puerto Rican men?
  • The pros and cons of dating Puerto Rican men
  • What do Puerto Rican guys like in a woman?

So, if you’re ready to fall in love with the Puerto Rican man of your dreams, continue reading and find out everything you need to know about some of the most attractive men on the planet.

What are Puerto Rican Men Like?

what are puerto rican men like in relationships

If you’re attracted to Puerto Rican men, you’re certainly not alone! In this section, we take a look at some of the reasons why Puerto Rican men are such heartthrobs.

Physical Appearance


Although they’re not the tallest, Puerto Rican men certainly make up for it with their charming good looks. They’re proud of their toned bodies, tanned skin, and dark eyes. So it’s no surprise that women fall for the gracious good looks and awesome physiques of men from Puerto Rico.

Super stylish

Have you ever seen a Puerto Rican man badly dressed? Me neither! You will almost always see Puerto Rican men out and about repping the latest styles, looking suave, and showing great pride in their appearance. Think body hugging t-shirts and ripped jeans – these guys always look the part!

Dark hair and eyes

Most Puerto Rican men have dark hair and eyes, which perfectly complements their tanned skin. It gives them that mysterious, exotic look that many women find attractive and is one of their most defining physical characteristics.

Let’s hope you get the chance to gaze into his dark, contemplative eyes on your first date!


It’s hard not to think of Puerto Rican men as being rugged and muscular. Yet, their chiseled faces and stubbled chins make them look effortlessly handsome, and their bulging biceps and toned bodies are one of their biggest attractions.

The personality of Puerto Rican Men


One of the things you will notice about Puerto Rican men is that they’re exceptionally friendly. They love hanging out with their buddies and have a lot of time for other people in general. Their sociable outlook on life will help you find the perfect partner and have fun simultaneously.


It’s not uncommon to meet a Puerto Rican man who puts his family above all else in life. It is a personality trait that is important in Puerto Rican culture more broadly, and it’s typical for people to spend a great deal of time with their extended families.

So if you hit the jackpot and meet the Puerto Rican man of your dreams, be prepared for lots of family get-togethers!


Puerto Rican men have developed a reputation for being personable, respectful, and polite towards women. Thanks to the important role that women play in Puerto Rican culture, you will find that your new boyfriend grew up respecting and loving women, which will show in your new relationship.


It’s fair to say that Puerto Rican men are feisty, and they’re extremely passionate about various events and topics in life.

While this can sometimes spill over into anger or frustration, it’s an awesome personality trait and something to be cherished most of the time.

Where to Meet Puerto Rican Men?

dating a puerto rican man tips

Now that you know what Puerto Rican men are actually like, you’re probably ready to find one all for yourself! Here are some top tips on where to meet Puerto Rican guys.

Online Dating in Puerto Rico

As online dating in many other parts of the world, Puerto Rican guys are very active on various platforms and always looking for someone to make memories with. One of the best sites for online dating in Puerto Rico is AmoLatina, where you can find a handsome hunk to hook up with.

If you’re actually in Puerto Rico, you will find that apps like Tinder and Bumble are popular, so be sure to create and update your profile on each.

Meeting Men in Puerto Rico

As well as meeting Puerto Rican guys online, you can also look for love when you’re in the country. Here are some of the best spots to meet Puerto Rican guys in San Juan and Ponce.

San Juan

  • El Batey Bar – This no-nonsense dive bar is one of the best hangouts in Puerto Rico, and you’ll be able to chat with local guys.
  • La Factoria – A bit more upmarket than El Batey but still an awesome place to hang out. Grab a cocktail and get to know the locals.
  • El Bar Bero – Another cocktail spot that’s super popular with locals is El Bar Bero, and you’ve got no excuse not to get chatting with the local hunks here!


  • Birriola – As well as being an atmospheric pub, Birriola delivers some of the best tapas around and is well worth your patronage.
  • El Mangoito – Locals tend to gather at El Mangoito after work, so it’s a good place to reach out and chat to local men when they’re chilling out after a long day at work.
  • Asturias Lounge Bar – With tapas to rival Birriola, you can enjoy delicious food and drink here while trying to meet the man of your dreams.

The Pros and Cons of Dating a Puerto Rican Man

So, we’ve run through Puerto Rican men’s various characteristics and personality traits and even introduced you to places where you can connect. Now it’s time to have an honest look at the pros and cons of dating Puerto Ricans, so you can start searching for the perfect partner.


  • One of the best things about dating a Puerto Rican guy is that you’re guaranteed a great time. They’re fun-loving and passionate, so you should have a blast.
  • Puerto Ricans are famed for showing respect to women, so you should be able to enjoy your relationship without worrying about anything.
  • You don’t just date a Puerto Rican guy – you date his whole family. While this might be daunting at first, it’s an awesome way to fall in love with someone.
  • You will find that it’s easy to meet a Puerto Rican man, as they’re sociable, outgoing, and generally very happy to talk to strangers.
  • Puerto Rican men make great long-term partners, as they’re family-oriented and always put their families first.
  • Puerto Rican men are romantics at heart, and they will treat you with the love and respect you deserve.


  • Because they’re extremely passionate, you might find that Puerto Rican men lose their temper easily in some situations.
  • Although it’s a pro for most people, some women might be put off by how close their Puerto Rican boyfriend is to his family.

What do Puerto Rican Guys Like in a Woman?

Our final bit of advice is on how to capture a Puerto Rican man’s heart. Here are some top tips on what Puerto Rican guys like to see in women.

Puerto Rican guys are always looking for women who are fun and outgoing, so flirting and showing that you’re ready for a good time is a smart move at the start of your relationship.

Given their bond with their families, Puerto Rican men want the women in their lives to be loving and caring.

It might sound trivial, but Puerto Rican guys love women who can dance! Be sure to learn some light moves before hitting the dancefloor to impress the guys.

To attract the attention of Puerto Rican guys, you need to look your best. They take great pride in their appearance, so they will expect you to do the same.

Be honest and open about your past, and share your aspirations for the future. Puerto Rican guys love talking and dreaming, so be willing to share your thoughts and feelings if you want to go the distance.

Final Thoughts on Dating a Puerto Rican Man

So, there you have it! Our complete guide to finding the Puerto Rican man of your dreams. If you can find the Puerto Rican guy you’ve always been looking for, you will have a wonderful relationship filled with fun, passion, and great times. Over to you to find your special someone!

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