How to Look More Attractive To Women With These 10 Science-Backed Hacks

Look More Attractive To Women


Beauty is not actually in the eyes of the beholder; it is in their mind. And it is all a matter of perception. That is great news if you think you are unlucky in love as a result of lack of mutual attraction! All you have to do is tweak a few things here and there, and you should become from an average 4-6 to a bombshell 10.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to be more attractive to women. The best part is that all of these tips and tricks are backed by scientific facts, so you know for sure they will work for you.

Ten things that instantly become more attractive

1. Stable career

Financial stability is without a doubt one of the most attractive qualities that a man can have. Before you panic let me first clarify that you do not exactly have to be a Yacht-owning first-class-flying millionaire. You need to have a steady job that you love and that you are good at.

2. A great sense of style

A well-dressed man is difficult to ignore. The best thing about this tip on improving attractiveness is that it is not set in stone and you have a lot of creative freedom. You can, therefore, play around with different styles to find what truly represents your personality. The most important thing is to ensure that the clothes are clean and they fit flatteringly.

3. Wearing red

Another key tip in line with the fashion and style theme is wearing red. There is actual scientific proof that women gravitate towards men who are wearing red. It could be red with our casual khaki pants or even a lovely red tie with your fancy first date suit. So invest in red clothes or accessories and take this theory out for a spin.

4. Physical fitness

Physical fitness is very attractive to women. Scientific studies show that a physically fit man comes across as strong, disciplined and protective. Trust me; this is what every woman wants. Therefore, if you want to increase your hotness score among the ladies you might want to start by signing up for a gym membership; and showing up.

5. Passion for extreme sports

Women are also instinctively attracted to men who not only love but also play sports. In this case, the more extreme the sport, the better for you. If you couldn’t throw a ball to save your life, then this might not work out for you. However, if you live, breath and bleed sports then you might want to lead with that fun side. Just try not to come across as a non-functioning fanatic. No one likes that.

6. A great sense of humor

A funny man is an attractive man. In fact, the majority of women on list a good sense of humor as their #1 requirement for a partner.

Scientific studies show that the part of the brain excited by new romance is closely related to the humor processing centers. That is another one of those hacks that only work if you are naturally gifted. So if you are funny then unleash this superpower and have her laughing all the way to happily ever after.

7. A full well-groomed beard

There is a bit of a running debate on this among women. Some love it while others cannot stand it, so it is truly a gamble. However, the good news is that those who are pro-facial hair outnumber those against it overwhelmingly. So if you look good with a beard, you might like your chances with this tip.

8. Involvement in charity work

Another way to seem more attractive to women is by being generous. There is no better way to demonstrate this rare and prized quality than by getting involved in charity work. Pick and get involved in a cause that you are passionate about which could be anything from animal safety to fighting cancer. Of course, avoid bragging about it, but definitely add it in when setting up a perfect online dating profile on

9. Scars

A man with scars is considered super sexy by most women. It makes you look like a badass not afraid to challenge yourself. It could just be a cut you got in the kitchen, but in her head, it will seem like a valiant sword battle for a noble cause. Now no one is saying that you cut yourself to get these badges of honor. No. Just try not to cover up those you already have.

10. Tattoos

If you are unfortunate, or I guess fortunate, enough not to have scars, then tattoos are the next best thing. They portray the same badass macho man vibe that will have women swooning over you.
Bottom line

Try out these hacks, and you shouldn’t have a problem finding a date ever again. The best part is that most of these do not even involve alteration of your body. So do not give up hope if you have been turned down because of your looks or lack thereof. Just put our advice into practice, and it should all work out for you.

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