How to Impress a Latino Man – 4 Things Latino Guys Find Attractive

There’s a lot to love about Latino guys:

They have looks to die for, an awesome sense of style, sexy accents, natural dancing abilities, strong family-oriented values, and so much more.

But what is it that Latino guys find attractive in women? And how can you impress them?

Here’s everything you need to know to make a Latino guy fall in love with you and win him over.

What Do Latino Guys Find Attractive?

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Physical Beauty 

Right up front, you should know that Latino guys strongly desire physical beauty in the women they date. The word mami is commonly used by Latinos to describe beautiful women, and specifically for beautiful female partners.

Take note that what Latino men find beautiful can vary sharply from one man to the next:

Some may desire a girl who is curvier with wavy hair, while others can be more into short girls.

What’s important is that the Latino guy you date finds you completely irresistible!


Latino men tend to appreciate a little feistiness in their romantic partners to add spice to the relationship.

Don’t go overboard with it, but testing him every once in a while, and having a lively personality is one way how to impress a Latino man.

Honoring Traditional Roles

Latino guys are normally raised in a culture where men and women take on traditional gender roles. To this end, a Latino man will look for a woman who knows how to cook good food and take care of the home.

Dating Latino man doesn’t mean he’ll be opposed to you pursuing your career and insist you be a housewife. It does, however, mean that he’ll come home likely expecting a tidy place and a warm plate of delicious food.

True Romance 

One of the best things about dating Latino men is how romantic they can be:

They know how to make Spanish sound very sensual, they crave physical touch and affection, and they’ll love to go out on adventures with you.

That’s why Latino men look for female partners who are just as romantic as they are. Anything from returning his physical touch to a big romantic gesture to a surprise date at a soccer game is all things that he will appreciate out of his romantic partner.

How to Make a Latino Man Fall In Love With You?

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When you get asked out by a Latino male, you may be wondering what you can do to impress him, so he asks you out again later.

At the bare minimum, you’ll stand out to him in the following ways:

Have an Amazing Sense of Style 

While Latino men may vary in what they find physically alluring in a girl, every one of those guys shares one thing in common:

They all love women who have a good sense of fashion and style. Embrace your femininity and wear trendy dresses and clothes, and you’ll catch his eye.

Be a Good Cook 

First of all, it’s not like Latino men believe that women belong in the kitchen. But most Latino guys also have a strong appetite for delicious cuisine, so if you can impress him with your culinary skills, you’ll stand out to him in ways that not all other women can.

Be Family Oriented 

Family is everything when it comes to Hispanics and Latinos in general, and he’ll be eager to introduce you to his family if he likes you enough.

If you can prove to him that you are very family-oriented yourself (meaning you invite him to meet your parents and siblings and talk about them often), he’ll start to think about you in terms of being a future wife and not just a short-term girlfriend.

Be a Free Spirit 

We’ve already mentioned how Latino men appreciate feisty women. But he’ll be impressed by a woman who is a true free spirit and not afraid to try new things.

Since Latino men themselves tend to be very adventurous, many of those will want their girlfriends or future wives to be the same way.

Draw Upon Religion 

Most Latino men are raised in very religious households, and chances are he’ll either be a staunch Catholic or an adherent to another Christian faith.

Being devout yourself or otherwise at least drawing upon religious morals in your daily life are things that he will be quick to notice in you.

Final Tips for Dating a Latino Guy

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Be Ready to Stay Up Late 

Latino men do everything late. They eat dinner late (usually between 7 to 8 PM), they like to stay up late, and they like to party late. Be prepared to go to bed a few hours later than you’re used to.

Don’t Expect Plans to Be Fixed 

You’ll discover very quickly that Latino guys are more spontaneous and rarely plan things several days in advance.

Alternatively, he may plan on doing one activity later in the week (such as going hiking) only to change his mind to do something else (such as going to the beach).

Just be ready for any plans you make with your Latino boyfriend to change on a moment’s notice.

Be Prepared for Things to Move Fast 

Nothing will move slowly when it comes to dating a Latino man. If he likes you, he’ll ask you out on more dates and will soon want you to meet his family over dinner.

Marriage is usually the end goal in mind for Latino men, and if he’s really into you, he may want to tie the knot after only a few short months officially.

Respond to His Physical Affections 

Latino men crave physical touch, and throughout the day, do things such as smiling and kissing him on his cheek or resting your hand on his knee while you’re sitting.

He may also expect sexual intimacy to occur early in your relationship, and know that Latino men can be very passionate in the bedroom.


Hopefully, this article has given you valuable insight into how to impress a Latino man and how to make him fall in love with you. The next time you get asked out on a date by a man of Hispanic origin, you know what to do!

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