Dating Argentine Guys: How To Attract an Argentine Man?

If there is one country in Latin America that seemingly never disappoints when it comes to dating, it’s Argentina.

Women from this country are well known for their feminine beauty throughout the world, and Argentinian men are known for their intense masculine good looks as well.

If you plan on traveling to Argentina and hope that you’ll end up dating a good-looking Argentinian guy, there are some critical tips that you need to know. Read on!

What Are Men from Argentina Like?

In general, here’s what most Argentinian guys are like:

They Have Nice, Masculine Looks

Date An Man From Argentina

Argentinian men are some of the best looking on the globe. They have olive skin, dark hair, and complimentary eyes. Young, hot Argentinian men will be in great abundance when you visit Buenos Aires or any other city!

On top of their natural good looks, Argentinian guys also love to take good care of themselves, through physical exercise, nice-looking clothing, and good physical hygiene.

Think of it this way: Argentinian guys are already good-looking, and they put even more effort into their physical appearance beyond that!

They Love to Give Compliments

If there’s one thing that Argentine men love to shower their girlfriends with, it’s compliments.

They will compliment women they pass by on the street, their girlfriends while on a date, or their wives even when they’re just getting out of bed with messy hair in the morning. The best part? They will do so very often (as in multiple times a day)!

They’re Very Chivalrous

If you thought that chivalry was dead, you’d quickly change your mind when you visit Argentina.

He’ll do everything for you from holding the door open to helping you with your luggage to pulling your seat out at the dinner table. When you’re with an Argentinian man, you’ll feel like a queen!

They’re Very Proud of their Culture

Argentinian men are also very proud of their country and of their culture.

That is because Argentina differs from other Latin American countries, both ethnically and culturally. See, most Argentines are of mainly European descent, whereas in other Latin American countries, the European and Native ancestries and cultures are more thoroughly mixed. As a result, Argentines, in general, can look more European than ‘Latin’ or ‘South American.’

They do speak Spanish as their primary language, but Argentinian Spanish is slightly different as well.

When dating an Argentinian man, he may take a slight offense if you generalize his culture as being Latin or if you compare him to other Latin men (especially Mexican guys).

What can you expect when dating Argentina men?

Man From Argentina

When dating an Argentinian guy, here’s what you can expect:

He’ll make soccer a priority

One thing that Argentinian and Brazilian men do share in common is their love for soccer. When dating a guy from this country, he will make watching soccer a priority.

That means he’ll be eager to see a live game with you and will likely suggest it as a date idea often. He’ll also constantly want to watch it on TV at home.

He’ll change his plans on a whim

Argentine men are known for being quite spontaneous and will change their minds often. At first, this can be very fun as it helps keep things unpredictable and will undoubtedly lead to several surprises in your relationship. Eventually, though, it will be something that could try your patience.

You’ll be staying up late at night

Dating a young Argentinian guy will involve a lot of dates at bars and clubs late at night. The best advice that I can give here is that if an Argentinian guy asks you out, take a nap in the late afternoon or early evening – you likely won’t get back home until the early morning!

Get ready to spend a lot of time outdoors

Argentine men love the outdoors and to embark on adventures. Hiking in the mountains or through the jungle or relaxing on the beach are two things that Argentine man will likely be quick to suggest as a date or activity idea with you (in addition to soccer, of course). Just get ready to spend lots of time in the great outdoors!

Final dating tips – what do Argentine men want in their partners?

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Here is some final advice for all women who want to date an Argentinian guy:

Practice Patience

If there’s one thing that dating men from Argentina is guaranteed to do, it’s to test your patience.

For one thing, guys from Argentina are very spontaneous and can change their minds quickly, as we just discussed. You may have a date or activity planned out, only for him to suddenly decide to do something else at the last moment. The best advice is to accept that he’ll change his mind ahead of time.

Don’t Be Offended When He Calls You “Gorda.”

The Spanish word ‘gorda‘ is translated as ‘fat woman.’ For some reason, Argentina men have a habit of calling their girlfriends or wives this term. Don’t be offended! It’s out of affection and endearment – he’s not calling you fat.

Get Ready to Stay Up Late at Night

Argentine men love to stay up late almost every night, and he will expect you to be the same way.

If you’re used to going out for dinner at 5 or 6 PM or grabbing drinks at 8 or 9, get ready to go for dinner at the latter time and drinks closer to midnight (if not after).

If you’re not a night person, he may lose interest in you quickly.

Be Prepared to Have a New Family

If the Argentine guy you’re dating is on the younger side, it’s very likely he still lives with his family (including his parents, siblings, grandparents, and/or other extended family members).

And even if he doesn’t live with his family, he’ll still be very close to them and will be very eager to introduce you to them. Argentinian families are very tight-knit, and if they accept you, it will be like having an entirely new family even if you’re only dating him.


Dating an Argentinian man is going to be a lot of fun, as he’ll be passionately romantic with you but also incredibly spontaneous to help keep things unpredictable.

So long as you can keep your patience intact, there should hardly be a dull moment in your relationship with him!

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