Dating Brazilian Guys: How To Get A Brazilian Man To Fall In Love With You

Brazil is a country known for its exotic locations, world-famous festivals, and the sensual passions of the locals.

Brazilian people are sexy, adventurous, and fun. And if you’ve never met a Brazilian man before, you’re in for a real treat. Dating them will be an experience of a lifetime!

Here are our top tips for dating a Brazilian man so he’ll fall in love with you:

First, what are Brazilian men like?

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What are Brazilian men like?

Well, you can expect them to have the following qualities:

Brazilian men are expressive

From how they talk to the way they move, sexy Brazilian men are among the most passionate on the planet. You can expect the Brazilian man you meet to be proactive, hardworking, talkative, and an excellent dancer.

They love to have fun

Going out for late-night parties, going hiking deep in the jungle, and spending a day at the beach are all examples of things that the typical Brazilian man loves to do. Think of it this way: Brazilian guys love to live their lives as an adventure.

They love to eat good food

Brazil is also known for its delicious delicacies, including kibe and empanadas, so it’s only natural that Brazilian men love great food. If you date a Brazilian guy, he’ll be eager to take you out to great restaurants, …and he may expect you to put your culinary skills to the test yourself too!

They love soccer

This one shouldn’t be a surprise. Soccer is huge in Brazil to the point that it’s become a part of the country’s lifestyle. When a game is on the TV, don’t be surprised if the Brazilian man you’re dating is more focused on it rather than you.

Family is everything to them

Latin America, in general, is very traditional when it comes to values. Brazilian girls and guys both are very close to their parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, and aunts and uncles.

He may still be living with his parents before marriage. When dating a Brazilian guy, you can expect him to introduce you to his family very early in the relationship.

What are Brazilian men like to date?

Dating A Brazilian Man

He’ll shower you with compliments

Brazilian guys like Colombian men love beautiful women and therefore have no issues with approaching and complimenting girls whom they find attractive.

Nonetheless, just because a Brazilian guy is complimenting you (or even after he’s asked you out on a date) doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s interested in you for marriage or a long-term relationship.

He’ll tell you directly if he wants the relationship to be exclusive 

If the Brazilian guy you are dating is strongly interested in you, then he’ll directly tell you that he wants you to be his girlfriend.

The good news is that in the Brazilian dating culture, making a relationship exclusive typically happens much faster than in the American dating culture (usually after a week or so). 

He’ll invite you to meet his family 

Even if the Brazilian man you are dating doesn’t directly ask you to be his exclusive girlfriend, a clear sign that he is treating the relationship as exclusive is when he invites you to have dinner with his family.

He’ll be very affectionate with you 

If he’s into you, a Brazilian guy won’t hesitate to be physically affectionate with you in public. He’ll sit with his hand on your leg or his arm around your shoulders, smile and kiss you often, and be very expressive and passionate when you’re alone in the bedroom.

And what Brazilian men like in a relationship is when you return their affection!

He’ll take you out on adventures

What do Brazilian men find attractive in a woman above else?


Women who are open and willing to go on adventures with them.

Remember that most Brazilians love to have fun and they are not the kind of guys who are just going to sit around at home watching TV all day.

Sure, he’ll watch a movie or TV with you to relax once in a while (especially if it’s soccer), but his kind of fun day includes something more active like exploring in the jungle or going to the beach.

How to Impress a Brazilian man?

Sexy Brazilian Man

Now that we’ve covered what these guys are like and how they are to date, here are the top tips on how to get a Brazilian man to fall in love with you. PS! The same tips apply when you want to impress a Brazilian woman too.

Stay ready 

Brazilian men (especially guys from Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and other big cities) are very spontaneous, and he’ll be more likely to decide what he wants to do right away rather than planning it out in advance.

That means that you need to be ready for whatever adventure he wants to do for the day!

If you want him to fall in love with you, you have to need to embrace his unpredictability because it’s just his nature.

Introduce him to your family 

Families are tight-knit in Brazil, and when a Brazilian man is dating you exclusively, he will treat your family as his own.

When you introduce him to your family earlier, it will signal to him that you are also taking your love life and relationship very seriously.

Return his affections 

When a Brazilian man is affectionate with you, he expects you to return the favor. He wants to be touched and caressed by you often, and if you don’t, his feelings for you can quickly diminish.

But by displaying just as much affection towards him as he does to you, the more he’ll look forward to spending time with you every day.

Surprise him often

Do you know how Brazilian guys don’t plan things very often? You can take advantage of that by surprising him yourself with fun things to do outside for the day!

Surprise tickets to the soccer game, going on a snorkeling adventure, or reservations for dinner at a nice restaurant are all examples of things that are going to make him happy.

Be loyal

Remember, if a Brazilian man has asked you to make your relationship exclusive, he is expecting you to be fully loyal to him. That doesn’t just mean being faithful to him; it also means investing the same level of time and energy into the relationship as he is.

Wrapping It Up 

If you want to successfully date Brazilian men and get a Brazilian guy to fall in love with you, there are three things you need to do:

  • be open to having fun and trying new things
  • show him affection and loyalty
  • at least pretend to be interested in soccer

If you can do these things, you may win his heart, and he’ll be an excellent partner to have by your side for everything in life.

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